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iFanboy Mini #93 – San Diego Comic-Con 2008: Preview

Show Notes

San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest gathering of comic book, movie, toys, video games and everything under the sun that a comic book fan could dream of!

There are hundreds of panels to attend, and the convention schedule can be daunting, but fear not, as Ron Richards is here to preview the panels you must see as well as highlight some of the cool goings on at San Diego this year.

iFanboy Bonus: We’ve got the exclusive trailer to the Invincible cartoon from MTV!


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  1. Can’t wait to see the coverage. The Invincible cartoon looks interesting. Is the whole show just animated comic panels?

  2. Did everything need to be jiggling and have colours flashing in the background for Invincible? This is like DC trying to improve static image comics with animation. Just not my thing.

  3. I think they were trying to give all the epileptics seizures.

  4. That invincible trailer is pretty horrid. It makes the book look kind of lame. Which it is not. And those voices are terrible.

  5. Agreed. Invincible teaser lokks LAME.  But we’ll see.

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