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iFanboy Mini #88 – The Walking Dead, Vol. 8: Made to Suffer

Show Notes

If you’ve been reading The Walking Dead, you know that it’s not a book to be taken lightly. Recently, the newest trade paperback, Made to Suffer, hit the streets, and Josh Flanagan wanted a chance to go over it now that everyone’s had a few weeks to read it.

Writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard really push the limits on their popular zombie series, and they weren’t kidding when they said no one was safe, because there is some messed up stuff in this one. And readers love them for it.

If you haven’t read this yet, and you don’t want us to blow it, here’s your spoiler warning as well.

If you have read this, then honestly, are you sleeping okay? Because it’s it all kinds of messed up.


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  1. Anyone else having trouble getting this to play? I’m runing XP and have tried both Firefox and Iternet explorer. It ahows up, but just idles in a whta I assume is buffer mode.. I’ve also tried the Rev3 site . same deal

  2. Yep, won’t download off iTunes either 🙁

  3. Checking into it…sorry.

  4. Josh, don’t apologise. The amount of amazing content you guys give us, a glitch is not a problem. I’m only impatient because the site is so good!

  5. I second that Eyun. This site is so great slipups here and there dont bother me at all.



    oops, sorry, thought i was on newsarama for a second there. :p

  7. It’s fixed now.  Understanding or not, you can still watch it.

    Thanks for being so cool everyone!

  8. If you aren’t reading the Walking Dead you’re a Nazi. That’s how good this is.

  9. @ s1lentslayer

    bwahahah! Nazis suck.

  10. Still not working, for me at least.


    frowny face.

  11. I assume you mean the flash player on this site?  Try it now.

    Again…*I’M SORRY!*



  12. It works now! You are of the awesome, Josh. 🙂

  13. Nice one. Plus, The Shield is one of the best shows ever.

  14. Jeff from TRS? Is that you? 🙂

  15. Was that to me? Does Jeff like that show?

    Anyway, I knew a guy a lot like Vic Mackie (I’ve worked with a few cops). The depiction is spot-on.

  16. Wait… there are people who *don’t* think that THE SHIELD is one of the best shows of the last ten years?

  17. @conor,

    I didn’t watch it for the first few years because I assumed it would glorify corrupt police (a la Dirty Harry). Boy was I wrong! Moral ambiguity like a mutha! 

  18. Word.

  19. I also jumped from Trades into issues. And I havn’t looked back. Although the last 2 have read really fast, I’ve really enjoyed the cliff-hanger quality of each issue. Plus you get all those awesome covers that aren’t collected in the trades.

  20. @conor,


  21. @Josh

    Great review! You feel exactly the same as I do regarding W.D.

    This is a book I try to turn non-comic readers on to. The people that may not be able to get past the whole tights and flights thing sometimes embrace something like this I have found. Spread the virus!


    ps – Dude. It’s called a hair brush. They arent very expensive.


    I KID!

    I KID! 

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