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iFanboy Mini #84 – It Came From the Storage Unit: Fantastic Four #281 (1985)

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick has gone into his storage unit and randomly selected a stack of comics in an attempt to remember the stories just from studying the covers and attempting to jog his addled memory. Will he be successful? The smart money says no, but it will be fun watching him attempt to access parts of his comic book reading brain that have laid dormant for years, and in some cases, decades.

This week is Fantastic Four #281 from August 1985!

How will Conor do up against a 23 year old comic book? The smart money is on more 80s hair jokes!


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  1. Quite possibly my favorite segment.  While Sue and Johnny’s hair were scary, I think they’re off set by Reed gorgeous locks and She-Hulk’s giant perm.

  2. I love this feature! Great theme tune too.

  3. Hey!  I have that shirt too!

  4. Yes! I love these!

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