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iFanboy Mini #82 – New Comics Preview: 07/10/2008

Show Notes

Celebrating the birth of the United States isn’t all good — sometimes it pushes the release date of new comics back a day. What will you do with one extra day to contemplate your purchases? iFanboy’s here to help!

Conor Kilpatrick picks three books from the shipping list that he’s looking forward to the most, but as always, don’t forget to check the final shipping list to make sure they are actually arriving in stores this week.


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  1. Thanks for this, Conor. I have never read a single issue of Cap, and had no idea this was even out, but if Loeb and Sale have a new book out I’m getting that bad boy!

    Also, do I need to have read any of the Locals books to read New York Four? The cover alone makes me want to get it, just don’t want to be lost. 

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