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iFanboy Mini #81 – How to Break Into Comic Book Writing

Show Notes

Breaking in to comics is no easy feat. Not only do you have to have chops, but you’ve got to know the right people. And if you can’t draw, then you’ll have to find an artist.

Find out about resources like Digital Webbing, and the Xeric Grant. It also turns out that hanging out on message boards can actually be productive.

iFanboy wishes you luck, because you’re gonna need it.


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  1. Ironic that this is the mini for today. I debateed sending this question to you guys: "There seems ti be a bit of talk lately about the ned for new blood in comics If you were in charge of cultivating new talent for a publisher how would you do so?

    I agree that publishing is the best way to break in, but I wish that DC for example would have more confidence in allowing some lattitude for new creators(who have some publidhed work) to have a crack at the big guns.  Imagine if trinity was a weekly series features twelepage stories by a fresh creative team. Continuity be damned, just write a twelve  pager featuring our stable of characters. Go nuts! I’d buy that in a heartbeat on a weekly basis.

    One could make the same case for a weekly comic @ Marvel, though I do think they have the right mindset looking at T.V. and other mediums for inspiration.) I’ve said yoo much. Disscuss!

  2. I’m in the middle of writing a book now, and I found my artists by talking to a coworker. Turns out he and a friend get a table in artists alley and wanted to have something other then sketches to sell at shows. I pitched them an idea, sat down and worked out some concept sketches with them, and now we have the ball rolling. I’m not paying them, they’re not paying me, we’re going to pitch in on getting it printed together, we have a good thing going that’s mutually beneficial. I think artists alley is full of people who want to do comics, so go to shows and start pitching ideas.

  3. Is it just me, or is the mini no longer on the home page? I’ve had to watch the last two minis over at revision3. What’s up?

  4. @Animalvader1 – It plays just fine for me on the homepage.

  5. @conor- It’s not even on mine I have no idea why. The link to comment is, but the video isn’t. Same for this page too, but the weekly works fine. Weird.

  6. @Animalvader1 – Send us an e-mail with your browser/OS specs, please.  We’ll try to figure out why.

  7. Oh another way to find an artist is on Craigslist, i had alot of good experiences using that site.

  8. I’m using the newest version of Firefox, otherwise, I don’t know where to find the info you’re asking for. It’s not that big of a deal really, but I’ll keep looking.

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