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iFanboy Mini #8 – Books We Love: Noble Causes

Show Notes

Ron loves Noble Causes, and so should you. For more information on Noble Causes, including links to the previous volumes and information on issue #32, head over to the Official Noble Causes site.


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  1. I had no idea any of you fanboys was reading this. I’ve been on board since the first issue lo those many years ago and haven’t read a bad one yet. If you like Dynamo 5, see where Faeber got his start with that whole family of super heroes thing he does so well.

  2. Man, a dose of iFanboy everyday. WHat could be better?

     A nice little round up there Ron, I’m definitely gonna pick this up April 9th!

  3. MINIS!!!

    What a treat!  Gentlemen, you never cease to amaze.  Just wanted to give up some kudos to the mini segments so far and to thank y’all for a great show last week.  Keep up the great work and I will keep up pretending to work.

     Too Legit 2 Quit,

     Dickie ThickWhistle. 

  4. Thank you oh so very much my dear friend Ron, I have loved this book for years and try to turn people onto the title at any chance I get. And now you go and give me a great tool to turn people to when they ask me what is going on in this incredible book.



  5. I’m passing on this one.  Ron already suckered me into Strangers in Paradise.  By all reason and logic I should dislike that book, but I can’t put it down.

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