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iFanboy Mini #78 – Madman Atomic Comics #9

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Madman Atomic Comics #9 pushes the envelope on post modern story telling once again, as artist and writer Mike Allred tells a forward moving story completely in two page splashes that move the story, characters and you the reader forward across a city block. Some of the experiments that Allred has been doing within the pages of Madman are amazing and definitely worth checking out.



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  1. I’ll Definitely be picking this issue up. I’m glad to see Madman get some talk on here, its such a wonderful book to read.

  2. I picked up the volumes 1 and 2 of the original Madman series based on all the good things I’ve heard about it over the years but other than the beautiful art the stories just weren’t for me.  However, I dug the few issues that featured Frank Miller’s Big Guy (I wish Darrow and Miller would revisit the Big Guy and Rusty).

    To me Madman is like a handful of indie characters (i.e. Scud, Tank Girl) that I love the design and concept of but just never could get into the story and writing style. Just too quirky for me I guess.

  3. Madman has always been a favorite of mine. I pick up the new issues whenever I find them on my shops shelves, they don’t order to many of this title obviously. I’m a long time fan of Mike Allred and of Madman especially. I’m glad iFanboy brought this issue to light, hopefully more people will come to appreciate this creator and title.

  4. Madman Atomic Comics has been so good, every issue just keeps getting better and better. Laura Allred’s colors have been outstanding, it almost looks like each issue is painted. Mike Allred is truly a golden god of the comic book world, I feel He’ll go down as one the best cartoonists of his or any generation. 

  5. I’m a huge Madman guy, I’ve been with it from the get go and there is no louder Madman supporter than me.  Having said all that this series has lost it’s way.  It’s become a pretentious bore. And while the visuals are still amazing, it’s a chore for me to get through these particular issues anymore.  I have sadly decided to drop this book. 

    This was not a decision I made lightly… I gave it 8 issues but it got further and further away from the fun and smart Madman books I loved turning more and more into a self absorbed bore.  And before this series, Madman WAS smart and fun as opposed to the other forced ‘hipness’ of so many indy books at the time.  Madman is now one of those books that tries to be hip at the sacrifice of a good comic.

    Since I get most of my comics from DCBS I still get a few issues of something I dropped because you have to pre-order 3 months in advance.  I had decided to drop it at #8, and issue #9 more than confirmed I made the right decision for myself.  And again, let me stress I sooo TRY not to be a negative guy when it comes to comics, as I get a little tired of people only bitching about stuff or pre-judging books before they have seen page one.  It’s because I love Madman soooo much I felt I had to let my feelings known… *Sigh*.

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