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iFanboy Mini #76 – Movie Review: Wanted

Show Notes

Mark Millar and J.G. Jones created Wanted, a comic book released by Top Cow, and this past weekend, we saw the release of the movie adaptation, starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, and Morgan Freeman.

The movie didn’t have all that much to do with the book past the title.

If you’re interested in knowing about the book, check out this Saturday’s weekly video. If you’re interested in what Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan thought about the movie, watch today’s Mini. Don’t worry. It won’t take long.


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  1. Loom of fate? lol Wow, sounds bad.

    I was hoping this movie would be worth checking out, even though it’s nothing like the comic (I guess I’m used to that now with comic movies), the previews make it it look awesome.

    Angelina Jolie in an over the top action movie sounds like fun to me … but after watching that review … I’m way less excited to see it when it comes out here.

  2. I feel so much better after watching this.  I thought I was the only one who didn’t like this movie.  The thing I couldn’t get while watching the movie is if they can introduce bullets bending why would a would the original story be such a stretch.  I think hollywood underestimates what audiences will find enjoyable, especially when it comes to stories dealing with superheroes/supervillains.  Great site by the way, been watching you guys for about two months, keep up the good work.

  3. After watching this during work earlier, I had scrapped my plans to go see "Wanted" with my wife based on the two glowing reviews by Josh and Conor.  However,  my wife and I had our hearts set on watching it, so we did… and I tell you what, "Wanted" was a ton of fun to watch.  Sure, the "Loom of Fate" was ridiculous, but so is curving bullets.  Sure, it didn’t follow the mini-series, but who cares.  Like you guys said in the "Wanted" comic book episode, they didn’t market this as a comic book movie in the first place.


    Taking it for what it was (a stylized action movie), we had a great time watching this over-the-top flick.

  4. @NogsOnline – I think that thte curving of the bullets thing was cool and made sense within the context of the movie, whereas an ancient order of assassin monks taking orders from a mystical Loom is just plain stupid.  I’m glad you liked it, though.  As I said, it sure was a crowd pleaser.  I’m just not one of the people it pleased.

  5. I couldn’t agree more with the movie. I disagree about the comic, I loved the comic and I don’t know why this movie is even titled "Wanted" because it has very little to do with the source material. I was really sad to see Mark Millar coming out in defense of this movie. I wrote a review for the movie over at http://www.eopodcast.com

    and I basically said its like a bad matrix sequel. I was expecting so much more because I love Mark Millar and I love the Wanted comic. Curse you hollywood!!!! 

  6. I didn’t read the comic so I had no conception of what to expect from this movie.  I’m not typically an Angelina jolie fan and probably would have passed on this altogether had the alternative choice not been a mike Myers movie (Love Guru) so I checked it out and was happily surprised.  I was entertained from beginning to end, the Loom of Fate didn’t stike me as any more outlandish than any other comic book gimmik (bottle city of Kandor, Yellow impurity,healing factor, take your pick) The action was good, the twist was a little predictable but not terribly so.  For some reason it reminded me of a 70’s Clint Eastwood movie in a "lets see how over the top we can be" sort of way.  I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 just cuz i had a good time.   

  7. I just watched the previous movie from Wanted´s director (Timur Whateverov). It´s called Nightwatch, and it basically explains the existence of the loom of fate in the Wanted Adaptation.

    If you see Nightwatch it becomes clear that the director wanted (no pun) to remake his movie with hollywood budget. On Nightwatch there are basically a lot of the elements present in the Wanted movie (and of course, not in the comic) specially one that causes the biggest outrage, or outlaughs. I´m talking of course about THE CHALK OF FATE.

    What´s next? What object of Fate could we see on his upcoming movies. The plunger of Fate? The mop of destiny? The pineapple of Doom? We shall see.

  8. Oddly enough, there were fairly easier, more belivable ways to establish the same basic idea without something so dumb.  I mean, it is the 21st century.  A room full of analysts in front of computers looking at the statistics and probability of things in politics, economics, social phenomena, etc and determining how should the Fraternity should operate by removing said destructive persons.  Then, when the analysts realize in their calculations that the Fraternity does more harm than good, Sloan simply tells them to analyze what will bring in personal gain for the organization.  Wesely’s dad could have found out and we go from there.  It wouldn’t really change the movie’s story itself at all and you don’t have the silly Loom of Fate going on.

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