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iFanboy Mini #74 – Aztek: The Ultimate Man, Vol. 1

Show Notes

A mysterious hero from Argentina settles down in Vanity City and we’re introduced to Aztek: The Ultimate Man!

Volume 1 is a great story for those interested in a hero just getting started in a city that hates him.

Grant Morrison (Final Crisis) and Mark Millar (Civil WarFantastic Four) teamed up to write this modern cult classic and now that it’s in trade paperback format, its a must read.


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  1. He’s from Argentina, but Aztec are from Mexico…anyway i’m still gonna buy this.

    It looks awesome

  2. Er, I hate to say this, but… there were only ten issues of this series, so there’s really nothing more to collect. 😉

    Also: Aztek didn’t "go by the wayside." He got "blowed up real good" in Morrison’s JLA, as I recall.  

    Still, this was a fun, short-lived series. 


  3. I too got confused when Ron stated he wanted them to collect the rest of the series, when there isn’t any more than what’s in the collection.

    Also, my copy of the trade had a printing error.  In the middle of the book some pages are omitted while others are printed twice.  This happen to anybody else?

  4. No way, this is the only volume? I thought there was more…which sucks cause this was awesome!  I’m so disappointed now…  Well you’ll just have to pick up the JLA issues he appears in cause those were fun too…

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