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iFanboy Mini #69 – Want More Hulk?

Show Notes

The story of The Hulk as told in the movie focuses on the classic story of The Hulk running from the army, but more recently writer Greg Pak has given us two epic stories featuring Hulk, combining science fiction with the Hulk action that we know and love. Because, as you know, Hulk Smash!

Be sure to check out Planet Hulk, where The Hulk becomes a gladiator on an alien planet and leads a rebellion. After that, be sure to catch World War Hulk, where The Hulk returns to Earth with revenge on his mind.


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  1. Any other good Hulk stories?  I was really let down by World War Hulk, though Planet Hulk was almost universially lauded.  Any ideas?  Any good writers have long runs on it?

  2. Peter David’s run (#328-467) ON INCREDIBLE HULK is pretty much considered the definitive Hulk.  The first year or so of Bruce Jones on INCREDIBLE HULK (starting with #34) was really good.

  3. first thing i noticed on this podcast… someone relized people are waiting for trades and not buying single issues….

    35 something for the first trade and 25 something for the second trade….

    are these hardcover?

    wow, what a jump from 19.99

    i jumped on waaaaaay back in the day with hulk and hung around for as long as i could… the espionoge stuff with the mr.green on the laptop kind of bored me and i ended up dropping…right before planet hulk…. of course

    so i can’t wait to go back and get all the issues and the world war hulk issues and crossovers

    hulk is just one of those characters whose fun to follow, and writer have taken so many diffrent turns and sometimes flips with him.

    i mean grey hulk was almost werewolf like only coming out at night and smart hulk joining and becoming the leader of the pantheon…. not to mention future hulk with his harem of women as the maestro

    you never know where he’ll go next…. and thats one of the fun things about the hulk

    though it always comes back to…HULK SMASH… and how cool was that in the movie (found out today that not only was lue ferigno the security guard but he did the hulk voice too)

    not a lot of marvel characters you can say that you never know what will come next with them

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