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iFanboy Mini #68 – Comics For a Rainy Day!

Show Notes

You wake up on a Saturday morning hoping to hit the day hard. Maybe a trip to the park, you think. Or perhaps a walk downtown to do some window shopping! But no — you wake to find that the skies have opened up and it’s pouring down sheets of cold rain! What to do?

What to do indeed.

Might we suggest some comic books to read? We thought you’d never ask!

Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick have two books that just might carry you on through that wet day. The first is Jinx, a self-published black and white crime book from the early days of comic book super-star Brian Michael Bendis’ career. The second is called Marvel Masterworks Vol. 4: The Avengers and it collects some classic work by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby — The Avengers #1-10.

So curl up, get some hot tea, and get to reading!


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  1. Let me suggest anther great rainy day book.

    The Avengers/Defenders War! This story has recently been collected into a hardcover edition and it collects what I believe to be the VERY FIRST crossover event to ever happen in comics. 

    It took place in the 70’s and for me, was one of the greatest things to happen to comics when it came out. It features both casts in heated battle to get the pieces of the Evil Eye before the other team gets them. The center peice of the conflict is the fight between Hulk and Thor (AWESOME!)

    Of course it was all a set up by Dormammu(sp?) and Loki. This is GREAT Marvel junkie stuff and I feel it’s place in history is often overlooked.


     -Noob out

  2. Just lost the last post attempt, so I’ll make it short.

    Jinx is great, as is al the early BMB writer-artist stuff like Fire, AKA Goldfish, and Torso. His early work is worthy of a full show. Probably been done, but I can’t search the archives right now to check. 

    Also, he did a fair amount of work for Caliber Comics in the 90s, along with Marc Andreyko, Warren Ellis, and their ilk. Often featured in Caliber’s anthology books. You can find much of it in quarter bins at conventions, LCSs, etc. Worth picking up. 

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