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iFanboy Mini #66 – Books We Love: Guardians of the Galaxy

Show Notes

If you like the current Nova series by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, you’ve got to check out their new series, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Who would think that Rocket Raccoon would be an interesting character? Yet, there it is! It’s Marvel cosmic fun, and the second issue is out this week. Look for it!


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  1. Alright, Flanagan I’ll call and raise you ACTION COMICS. (It judt feels right to capatlize that).

  2. It saddens me that neither Ron nor Josh will read ACTION COMICS.

  3. Ah well Had to try! Maybe when Robison starts, they’ll be convinced.

  4. "That’s right, he’s an interesting raccoon". Nowhere else in history will you hear this phrase uttered but iFanboy!

    Yep, I’m gonna give this a shot. 

  5. I bought the first Action Comics after Conor picked it as POW a month or so again.  It didn’t do anything for me quite honestly.  It’s not like I ignored it.

    I’m very likely going to buy Robinson’s Superman, and at that time, I’ll read Action.  But I have yet to enjoy it so far.

  6. @josh – You bought the one that was the POW?  Because that was part 6 of 6.

  7. @josh fair enough, but the issue from last week was the start of a new arch, so jump on it from the  begining! If it doesn’t suit you, alas, but st lest you’ll be in on the ground floor. 


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