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iFanboy Mini #58 – Batman: Shadow of the Bat

Show Notes

In 1992, Conor Kilpatrick was a bright, young high school student with all the world’s possibilities laid out ahead of him. But all he really cared about was Batman: Shadow of the Bat, the brand new series by his favorite Batman creative team of Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle!

The guy had a one track mind.

Okay, a two track mind.

He really hasn’t changed much since then.


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  1. shadow of the bat was AWESOME, and this first arc was incredible, because you didn’t realize it was a ploy by batman until a few issues in – you thought he was really getting committed into the asylum. great call-out to this series.

  2. Shadow of the Bat was amazing in the begining. "The Nobody" issue by Grant and Breyfogle is my favourite batman story. Great mini.

  3. Now THAT was a great mini! Can’t say I knew of this series before this, but worry not, this has been rectified – just bought issues #1-7 on ebay for £10!

    Once again my bank account curses iFanboy, but I hate my bank account so it’s all good 🙂 

  4. Shadow Of The Bat was cool as shit. Breyfogle is my all time favourite Bat-artist too, no one can touch him … & also like Conor, I wore too much flannel back then … scary.

    I thought Breyfogle did more than the first 4 issues though? But if my memory is failing me here, it’s not the first time.

  5. I know I have these issues somewhere – I remembered Zazzaz (or however it’s spelled) being introduced, but the thing that I remember most is that issue 1 came bagged and with a whole bunch of special treats – I think there was a Breyfogle poster of the cover, a blueprint of Arkham, maybe even a ham sandwich. I think it may have been the first gimmicked book I ever bought.

  6. @WadeWilson – Breyfogle drew issues 1-5, 13, 65-67, 75

  7. Ah ok, thanks Conor. I thought it was even more than that, maybe I’m thinking of the old Detective Comics …

    I’d love to see big Norm back on a bat-book too, does he even work in comics anymore? I can’t remember seeing anything with his name on it in years.

  8. I was just trying to remember the name of the greatest batman artist, IMO, the other day when I saw your episode on the Shadow Of The Bat.   I fully agree that Norm Breyfogle belongs on any Batman book.  I miss his BM.

  9. "I miss his BM."

     I, uh – I-….

    No.  I’m better than that.

  10. Shadow of The Bat actually became the FOURTH Batman title during that time! Let’s not forget about one of the best Batman series of all time, Legends of The Dark Knight!!

  11. Rewatching this was perfect amp time as Emerald City Comic Con is only 2 months away.

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