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iFanboy Mini #52 – New Comics Preview: 05/29/2008

Show Notes

I don’t think you can really begrudge Conor Kilpatrick’s exuberance when discussing this week’s releases. This many high profile books hitting all at once is a rare occurrence indeed. The extra day’s wait will only heighten the anticipation. Conor’s heart might explode.

  • Final Crisis #1
  • Batman #677
  • All Star Superman #11
  • Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men #1


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  1. Possible nerdgasm on friday (uk based so i get them even later)

  2. I can’t wait for this week’s comics, however I am a little afraid of jumping into the DC Universe and all its weird multiverses and timewarps I can’t wait for Batman RIP part 2 and Astonishing X-Men

  3. Biggest week of comics I have ever seen.

    Green Lantern Secret Origin #3, Batman RIP part 2, Giant Sized Astonishing X-Men, Secret Invasion New Avengers, Rucka/Brubaker team-up on Daredevil, John’s Action Comics, All Star Superman and Final Crisis?

    This is ridiculous. Those are all best books being published right now in the mainstream sans JSA.

  4. Should I be happy or upset about having the pick this week?

  5. I’m very excited about this week. I cannot wait for Final Crisis, Batman, Green Lantern, Action Comics, all from DC. I’m alsow looking forward to Astouding Wolf-Man #6 by Robert Kirkman from Image. 

  6. @Josh You can never have too much of a good thing… except suger-filled treats, and horror movie parodies.

    I am guessing the pick is going to be Final Crisis due to the massive tremors left by the internet hype-train and past DC events (Death of the New Gods), but then again it could end up like Secret Invasion #2 with a lot of build up for lots of punching for no particular reason.

  7. This feels like Christmas. It really does. Why can’t they sell eggnogg year round? My rum would love it very much so.

  8. @Josh – It really depends on what you choose as the pick. When any of these books you have the potential to anger some fanboys… Choose carefully, sir! 😉

  9. So many comics this week, but I have to give it up for True Story Swear To God Archives TP Vol. 1. Finally I can read everything I’ve missed and it’s one thing at least that won’t disappoint this week.

  10. Josh… were you, or were you not.. on Cash Cab?

  11. Looking at Josh’s pull list- the POW will either be Dan Dare, Daredevil or Ultimate Spider-Man.

    He won’t go with Fables. Too self-conscience about it and he’s the only Fanboy reading it. Final Crisis is going to depend too much on stuff Josh never bothered to read. Green Lantern or New Avengers would be too safe a pick. USM is a pedestrian choice as well…but, they love to mine that "it’s just solid story" field often when it comes to that book. 

    I leaning toward Daredevil being the POW. 

  12. @Labor – Dude, that was awesome! Scarily well thought out. You should think about a career in police psychology 🙂

  13. Loved this geek out!  Loved it!  I’m pretty geeked this week too!

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