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iFanboy Mini #43 – Tony Stark Shot! Looking Back at Iron Man #243

Show Notes

Did you remember that Tony Stark got shot and paralyzed by a crazy, jealous girlfriend?

Iron Man #243 was one of the issues that really impressed a young Josh Flanagan with what can happen in superhero comics, especially when the threats aren’t what you expect. There’s no fighting in this one, just a lot of thought balloons.

Does it hold up?


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  1. This was one of the first books I ever bought, that and the Iron Man annual of Atlantis Attacks. I remember this fondly, can’t wait till I watch.

  2. Man, I would’ve totally read that when it came out, if it wasn’t for the whole being "one-year-old" thing.

  3. Classic, total flash back for me. I loved Iron man back then.

    but dude, not Art by Bob Layton, pencils by Bob, inks by Barry Windsor-Smith. Barry made that book sing, those panels with Tigra would not have been half as hot without his sence of line and waight. Bob is ok but kind of dry without him i think.

  4. Revise; looking at the art I’d say it’s even more like finishes by Barry Windsor-Smith, he clearly redrew a lot of it, the awkwardness in a lot of it comes from where he’s trying to incorporate bob’s stiffer layout and posing into his fished art. But Barry totally took that one over.

  5. Yeah, this happened less than a year after Armor Wars.  Michelinie and Layton were awesome on Iron Man.

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