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iFanboy Mini #38 – Grant Morrison Week: We3

Show Notes

It’s Grant Morrison Week!

What do you get when you take Grant Morrison’s mind, amazing Frank Quitely art, and killer cyber enhanced pets?

You get the terror of We3.

Originally published as three spectacular issues, this is a great story about science going too far, and getting bitten for it.


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  1. I remember you guys mentioning this on an old show, and thinking I should pick this up. Then I kinda forgot about it. Well, gentlemen, after this mini, consider this book ordered.

    "A doggy, a kitty, and a bunny"…. best thing Josh has ever said. Fact! 

  2. We3 is utterly, jaw-droppingly BRILLIANT, and it’s a rare book that appeals to non-comics readers as well as fanboys. Josh, when you said you couldn’t think of another story like this, you DO mean besides the obvious source material, The Incredible Journey, right? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Incredible_Journey

    Netflix can help you out there. Now, where’s that online petition to get We3 made into a summer Hollywood blockbuster? And the tpb is a bargain, but the art is so good, you’ll wish you had an ABSOLUTE edition with pages 10 feet tall.Just breathtaking.

  3. We3 was bloody brilliant.

  4. I guess it is based on the incredible Journey, but it’s still far enough afield that I’ve never read any comics with this blend of greatness.

  5. I agree. And a perfect marriage of story and art. WE3 stands out as some of the most visceral, beautiful and at times, thought-provoking comics I’ve ever read. Its impact is immediate and the imagery sticks with you for a looooooong time. And I wasn’t implying WE3 is a remake or a retelling of Incredible Journey, but it seems IJ would have been mentioned during the inevitable "X meets Y" pitch. Not sure what WE3 would be… Incredible Journey meets… Terminator?

  6. I loved the hell out of We3, though somehow I missed #2 and had to go on an Arthurian quest to find a copy. It was just long enough, prettier than it had any right to be, and possibly the simplest/sweetest/most sensible Morrison story I’ve ever read. It defied and exceeded my expectations at every turn.

  7. I was low on cash this week so I went to my local library and saw this. I knew nothing about it besides that Grant and Frank were the creative team but that was enough for me to pick it up and im really glad I did. This book was pure brilliance on so many levels. Glad I looked it up here and found a mini about it.

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