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iFanboy Mini #37 – New Comics Preview: 05/07/2008

Show Notes

What books does a cold-addled Conor Kilpatrick think you should keep an eye out for?


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  1. Ah dude, you looked like you were gonna vomit any second in this. Hope that Two-Face pic didn’t make you that ill?

    Having said that, Man With No Name looks great, hadn’t heard of this before. Shame on me. Still not gonna get more excited than for Nightwing though. 

  2. i think you have a catch phrase now:


  3. Let’s give a hand to the brave soldier!

  4. I know how you feel on the cold.  I’ve been ruined these past few days.  If it’s congestion I suggest Zicam’s congestion relief you use it once every 12 hours and it pretty much clears you out.  Most of Zicam’s stuff works good.

    I’m going to go back to laying down now.

  5. If you want me to send you some "medical, medicine"  I will see what I can do.  Damn, Ron and Josh are f’n taskmaster’s. No rest for the weary over at iFanboy.

  6. good job on the Mini. just watched it. im down with ALL those comics you mentioned and then some.

    you did look really sick. it MUST have been the new Two-Face pic cuz i nearly threw up

  7. I f’ing crack up everytime I watch/listen to that "whoops." its awesomly hilarious

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