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iFanboy Mini #3 – Book of the Month: Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 1

Show Notes

With the iFanboy Book of the Month, writer Greg Rucka created a comic like no other when he wrote Queen & Country, the story of agents in the British spy service, MI6.

One of Conor Kilpatrick’s favorite series of all time, this series from Oni Press is simply not to be missed. Artists Steve Rolston, Brian Hurtt, and Leandro Fernandez prove that black and white can be easily as compelling as color, and when you put that all together, we haven’t seen a better series in the last decade.


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  1. This just made me upset that my copy hasn’t shipped from Amazon yet.  I hope I see that go out today…

  2. Might have to buy this now. I’ll tell my bank who to blame.

  3. Conor,

    I totally agree that not only is this a great series, but a great format as well.

    I featured the book in Collected Comics Library podcast #161 



  4. ron should have to do his podcast with a greenscreen backdrop of the couch/wall conor and josh sit in front of(fanboyHQ?).

  5. yeah, you guys have been touting this book for awhile, and i’ve put it off and put it off, but the setup of that little edition looks tempting, i’m definately gonna pick that up if i see it.
    (is that a Chip Kidd cover layout? looks like)

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