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iFanboy Mini #24 – New York Comic Con 2008 Preview

Show Notes

New York City wants a piece of San Diego, and this weekend, April 18-20, iFanboy will be at the third annual New York Comic Con.

The show seems to get better every year, and this year looks like a big one for the east coast convention we should have always had. What will you have to look forward to in the world of comics and pop culture? Josh Flanagan will show you some highlights.

If you need to brush up, take a look at last year’s show.


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  1. Wow! Josh, how many cups of coffee did you have before filming this? Lol

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Josh is actually doing blow off hooker asses now.  


    Reminds me of this guy:




  3. It was on the street.  I had to appear mildly unbalanced to ward off muggers.

  4. @Pol – That picture is AMAZING! The new Zany Josh could totally pull off a suit like that! And that screencap above should be his avatar.

  5. Amped!  Was that one take? Well, done sir.

  6. Did Josh almost get side swiped by a truck? Because it look like it came pretty close.

  7. iFanboy fun fact Lesko is a long time favorite and inspiration of iFanboy


  8. @Ben – He did.  And I’m kind of upset because I didn’t pay that guy to just come close.

  9. I wish there was a seen at the start with Ron and Conor behind a desk in suits and Ron says "Now we go to our man on the street Josh Flanagan."  Then Josh could go into his crazy swirving rant.

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