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iFanboy Mini #23 – The ‘Iron Man’ Trailer

Show Notes

We’re very excited for what’s gearing up to the superhero movie of the summer, Iron Man (at least until The Dark Knight comes out), and the trailer sure seems like it’s going to be an awesome time at the movies.

Watch, as we enjoy the trailer and share what we think of the upcoming release.


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  1. Yep, definitely psyched for this! And I say that as someone who’s aware of the character and world of Iron Man, but never read it. The trailer is indeed awesome, and Downey is always a good bet.

    Is the ‘Iron Monger’ character not in the comics then, or not a great character? The only part of the trailer I’m not keen on is Robocop 2-esque ‘machine battles bigger evil machine’ part but obviously I haven’t seen the whole film so I’ll hold off judgement.

    Obviously, from my avatar, it’s not my number 1 anticipated movie of the year, but from this trailer they’ve already got my ticket sales. Plus I’d love to see Favreau hit a home run with this. 

  2. Also… "the Josh-sized version of the Conor-sized iFanboy show"… LOL!

  3. I’m 5’10"!

  4. @Josh Maybe Conor was referring to girth not heigth….

  5. Back in 1984 I got into due Marvels Secret Wars comic book series. When I was a kid reading comics and also playing with the Iron Man toy. That is when I fail in love with Iron Man. I am so happy about this film everything that has come out I have been in love with. The toys are the only stuff that I am not such a big fan but I am such the Marvel Zombie that I am I went out got then. I am not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow I hope there is no love story with her and Tony. Because I would be VERY MAD. Can’t wait for May 2 yeah !!!!!

  6. Obadiah Stane and his Iron Monger suit was the villian back when Tony makes a new silver and red suit, around Iron Man #200. That’s when I really got into Iron Man as a kid and seeing a whole new suit that did awesome new things, and ruthless villian who’s end was pretty shocking. Back when you’re used to seeing villians defeated and carted away in handcuffs, seeing what happens at the end of the storyline was disturbing but also exciting and new, kinda like the Love Boat.

  7. @josh: That’s the same height as Spidey (according to the official handbook of the marvel universe)

  8. @cromulent – Thanks for the info, dude. 🙂

  9. aw, josh

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