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iFanboy Mini #21 – Comic Wars

Show Notes

In the early 1990s, Marvel Comics was the subject of an intense takeover battle by two billionaire tycoons that nearly led to its demise!

Comic Wars by Dan Raviv is the book that chronicles the battle in all of its painstaking financial detail. If you like deal memos and something called amortization, then this is the book for you.


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  1. My major is buissnes and I love comics, so perfect book for me!!!

    Great mini guys

  2. Cool review!  I bought this book at some point in the past, and it’s . . .around here somewhere.  I’ll make a note.

  3. I can’t believe that someone else has read this book! I feel that much less alone now.

    I bowed out of comics for just about all of the nineties, and when I started reading again I thought this book would be a good way to catch up on all the behind-the-scenes shenanigans I’d missed with the boom and bust of the industry. It was, shall we say, more than I bargained for; I did not mean to sign up for a microeconomics class that day at the Barnes & Noble.

  4. Thank you for letting me know about this book. Also has Ron moved back to New York or is he just there for a limited engagment?

  5. EBITDA FTW!  That alone makes me want to read this book.

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