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iFanboy Mini #17 – New Comics Preview: 04/09/2008

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Josh Flanagan says you should be looking for these books at your shop this week:


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  1. I’m waiting for DC to start advertising membership to the JSA in other comics. ASBR, really liked the last issue and the art was freaking incredible as always, so we’ll see how this next one goes.

  2. All-Star Batman really is shipping? I want to believe this.

  3. @ flapjaxx: as do I, but I dont really think it is. I just checked DC’s shipping list and they have it scheduled for April 30th. I think it was on there for the 9th about 3 days ago, but I guess DC pushed it back.

  4. ^Yeah, I saw the same thing. Mostly I was just obsessively checking to see that the next issues of the regular Batman series hadn’t been pushed back. I’m not a huge All-Star Batman fan, but I’ll take it.

  5. Yeah, it’s not coming out this week.  My bad.  We checked with DC, and they told us the information on the site was right, and therefore it was shipping on the 9th.

    Blame Jim Lee!

    Sorry for the confusion.  With the nature of late books and changing shipping lists, we’re gonna have a couple misses from time to time.

  6. I noticed that All-Star Batman and Robin was not listed on Diamond’s shipping list for this week.  I thought I had missed something.

  7. So how about that JSA?

  8. Indeed how about that JSA?  One of two team books I’m reading.  Honestly JLA should be as good as this.  I still want to know who Purple Face is as I now call him.

  9. JSA looks like its really good. Problem is Im not all that educated on the DCU so I think picking up a book with 40 characters that I dont know could be confusing.

  10. @bakerskater: You would think so, but as someone who is also not so knowledgeable DC wise I actually found it quite easy to follow. That Geoff Johns guy is quite good at being able do that, or so I hear.

  11. Damn you Josh…you got me all excited about All-Star Batman #10 coming out this week and now I find out it’s not. WTF?!? (JK) And I highly doubt we will seing that issue anytime soon either the way things have been going with that book. Oh well, I will still keep buying it when it comes out but until then I wait in anticipation. DAMN YOU JIM LEE (not Josh)!!! 

  12. well, after going to my comic shop and realizing all-star batman didn’t ship, made me a little angry. but, then I found it was pushed back to the 30th, which was actually.. the normal schedule for the book cause it always comes out at the end of the month ( for it’s bi-monthly schedule ). So I’m not disappointed so much, it would’ve been just nice to have it earlier than normal. BUT THAT JSA AND TITANS! WHEEEEW!

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