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iFanboy Mini #132 – New Comics Preview: 09/17/2008

Show Notes

Make sure not to miss these comics when you pick up your books tomorrow at the comic book store:


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  1. Wow, is Ron on Speed? 

    Also, it looks like his hair exploded.  (He looks kinda like one of the Weather Channel reporters during a hurricane.)

  2. Q’bert!  Are you in SF?  Should do a mini across the bay here in Oakland.

    Totally looking forward to War Heroes.  I want to see where Millar and Harris take this bad boy.

  3. @stulach — ‘Hair of Hades’

  4. SF gets windy folks…

  5. @Aerodynamics – I should have known that someone with the username "Aerodynamics" would think of ‘Hair of Hades’.  Well played.

    @Ron – How does wind explain your incredible speed talking?  You sounded like John Moschitta, Jr (dude from micro machines commerical).  I often wish that I was as excited about anything as you constantly are about comics. It’s impressive.

  6. @stuclach- Thanks. And please accept my apologies for missing your penultimate ‘c’ last time …

  7. @Aerodynamics – Apology accepted.  The second C is the one that really counts.

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