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iFanboy Mini #13 – Secret Invasion #1

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The most anticipated event in Marvel Comics for years, bigger than Civil War, and more thought-out than House of M, Secret Invasion appears to have all the makings of a rollicking roller coaster ride of comic book fun.

You won’t BELIEVE who turned out to be a Skrull…


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  1. I pciked up a promor card a few weeks ago, it had a huge list of comics on it, will I have to buy them all? Or will I still be able to follow the storyline just by reading this?

  2. not sure… although it doesn’t really matter to me because I read most of those anyway. The only extra things I can see me buying are the ones shots and the Captain Britain one.

  3. Could the 70’s era heroes be those from the Beyonder’s space-based-MMORPG? How that is involved with the Skrulls I don’t know, other than Bendis having written both stories.

  4. @Mungo: as is usually the case with tie-ins, most of them are ancillary stories simply showing the cast of that book reacting to the event. The only ones that might be considered "essential" are the Avengers books, which will actually fill in backstory by replaying events from earlier in Bendis run and showing how it connected to the Invasion, and showing how and when certain characters were replaced. Bendis says the Avengers tie-ins are like a "director’s cut", otherwise simply just buy stuff that looks interesting to you.

    If you don’t really care about Fantastic Four or the Inhumans or whoever, why do you care how SI affects them?

  5. You can never tell if you have to buy everything.  I mean, I don’t ever EVER go and buy everything on the list.  I usually buy the main book, and then the regular titles I’m already buying that are connected.  Sometimes I’ll pick up an extra series or two, like with Wolverine and Civil War.

  6. Somehow I’m more excited for the series after seeing the fanboys getting excited on the podcast then I was actually reading the issue — but the more i think about it, the more I like it.  I haven’t been following the Avengers books very closely since Civil War, but this was pretty easy to follow.  And I enjoy Yu’s art a lot more with these inks & colors than in New Avengers.  So nice launch, all around; I hope they keep it up.

  7. Check out marvel.com under the digital comics for the SI prologue. It answers a couple of questions that arose during issue 1. Plus its free!!!

  8. I’m not to familiar with marvel history so why is the fact that Emma Frost is there an indication of not being the real heroes from the 70’s?

  9. Emma Frost used to be a bad guy.  It was only in the last ten years or so that she switched sides.

  10. So, I’m not exactly clear – was that Captain Marvel or Marvel Boy attacking Mt. Thunderbolt? 

  11. ‘Twas Captain Marvel as far as I could tell.

  12. I went back and re-read – you’re right, it’s clearly Captain Marvel, not Marvel Boy.

  13. o and about dum-dum, you guys can go to marvel.com and read a free comic that will only be released on line.  it’s like the prequel to the secret invasion book that just came out.

  14. Great mini, guys.  I listened right after reading Secret Invasion 1 and found your thoughts most insightful.  I too am stoked to read the next issue,…

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