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iFanboy Mini #121 – Garth Ennis’ Hellblazer

Show Notes

If you’ve been curious about Hellblazer and John Constantine, Josh takes a moment to tell you about his favorite stories.

The work Garth Ennis did on Hellblazer was among the best work he’d ever did. From his work with William Simpson on “Dangerous Habits” to the entrance of his greatest collaborator Steve Dillon on “Fear and Loathing”, as well as subsequent books, if you want to know John Constantine, these are the best books to start with.


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  1. Neat little episode documenting the greatest run on the character.  More people should be reading this character’s past exploits, and checking out what Andy Diggle and Leo Manco are currently doing.

  2. Great!  Enjoyed Ennis’ run on HB more than his work on Preacher.  Although still graphic, it didn’t seem as excessive as Preacher.  The ideas in Ennis’ run had much more of a punch at times without being too graphic.  Nearly crapped my pants from the image of Constantine holding the empty box that once contained Angel Gabriel’s heart, his ace in the hole against Satan.

     How about Carey and Azarello?  Gave up early on them because each story arch seemed to be not self-contained, an  incomplete story, only a chapter in a longer story. 

    Would you recommend their runs?

    I love Diggle’s work, really capturing the spirit of Ennis’ and Moore’s take on JC.  Delano also good, but prefer Ennis.  Haven’t really enjoyed Ennis’ work as much since then, with the exception of his War comics.

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