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iFanboy Mini #116 – Book of the Month: Captain America: Operation Rebirth

Show Notes

Marvel Comics’ Captain America: Operation Rebirth is iFanboy’s August 2008 Book of the Month!

The 1990s was a bad time for heroes. The audience wanted “dark” and “gritty” characters who were more “anti-heroes” than anything else. That was no place for a man from the 1940s who wore the United States flag on his chest! While characters like The Punisher flourished, Captain America languished.

That is, until Mark Waid and Ron Garney got their hands on him and reminded everyone why Captain America was the best hero that Marvel had.

Read Conor Kilpatrick’s full review here!


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  1. @Conor – Are the cavepaintings on the wall behind you available for purchase?

    For some reason I am not suprised that Hilter and the Red Skull don’t get along.  Communists and Nazis didn’t exactly play nice.  (Did this take place during the Red Skull’s Nazi period or the communist period?  Stupid continuity!)

  2. @stuclach I’m pretty sure the Red Skull has always been a Nazi; he’s just currently inhabiting the body of a Communist.  But in the Waid arc, he was definitely a Nazi.  He just didn’t want Hitler to come back because then HE wouldn’t be able to take power for himself (and because Hitler was mad at him).

    Great mini, Conor, even if we do disagree about the strength of Gruenwald’s last arc.  You do a great job selling this book.

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