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iFanboy Mini #113 – The Apocalipstix

Show Notes

What do you get when you take a rockin’ chick band and nuclear war? You get The Apocalipstix!

A trio of badass women making their way through America after the big one gets dropped and the country breaks down into a Mad Max-esque world filled with Road Pirates and dangers along the way.

Ray Fawkes and Cameron Stewart deliver this high concept, fun book from Oni Press and for only $11.95!


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  1. I don’t know why, but I have a weird biase against the digest size books.  Maybe its because I always think of Manga when I see them and being in my 30s I consider it "a kids format". However, I love Scott Pilgram and based on the premise of this book alone, I think I’ll pick it up.  Plus it  has Cameron Stewart’s art going for it as well.

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