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iFanboy Mini #109 – My Friend Dahmer

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan shows off a little independent comic called My Friend Dahmer, by derf, a guy who went to high school with notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer back in the 1970’s. It both is and is not what you think.

Check out the book at www.derfcity.com.


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  1. Where did you get that great picture of Tom Katers ?

     Ah nevermind…

    Gonna look out for that book though.

  2. After listening to Josh’s review I plan on trying to get this book.  When I logged in this morning and read the title and description for the podcast, I made a snap judgment thinking this was a creator-owned comic that was attempting to controversial by exploiting a horrific person to gain some notoriety.  Its sounds like the creator isn’t trying to be sensationalist by writing a “slasher” comic, but simply creating a life story.  I also dig the artwork.

  3. I actually did find this– quite by accident– in the shop. I don’t know what inspired me to buy it; I don’t think I heard Mr. Katers talk about it, but I knew derf’s work because he had a strip that ran in our local alternative weekly paper. For whatever reason, I took the chance and was glad I did. The book really defies expectations and isn’t lurid or prurient at all. I found it quite touching, actually, and I reflected on it for quite a while after I put it down.

  4. A comic book about the early days of a real life serial killer? To use Josh’s own catch phrase — "That’s fucked up."

    I read a book on Dahmer a few years ago, and it’s easily the most disturbing thing I’ve ever read. Sayin’ the dude is was an animal would be an insult to animals. He deserved what he got in prison.

    I’d be interested to read this, but I doubt I could find it here.

  5. I have always been fascinated by serial killers (that’s NOT to say that I admire them in any way, shape or form) so when I saw this I had to pick it up. I ordered it off of derfcity.com and it arrived in just a few days and only cost me the cover price plus tax (NO shipping cost). It was a great read and a very different take on the life of a serial killer. Most of the stuff I have read on serial killers focuses on their crimes however as Josh (and Derf) points out this is about Dahmer before he became a killer and looks at what might have possibly drove him to this behavior. If you like this book I would also highly recommend the recent film called "Raising Jeffery Dahmer" which tells the story from his father’s point of view (it’s even available through rent at the McDonald’s Redbox and is worth watching for a buck).

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