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iFanboy Mini #108 – Superman vs. Batman: The Great Debate Continues!

Show Notes

Aaron writes in from Paris, France and wants iFanboy to settle a dispute between him and his friend and explain why Batman always beats Superman in a fight.

Well, Aaron, you came to the right place. Conor Kilpatrick breaks it down and proves that the old adage holds true — brains always beat brawn.


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  1. This is exactly how i veiw Batman vs Superman. In the in-universe view that Batman is several steps ahead of everyone and in the comic view that its just cooler that Batman would beat Superman

  2. Cool you made a mini out of my question, I feel honored. Its Aaron here thanks Conor for answering my question you definitely put a lot of thought and care into it (other then butchering my last name ; -)


    I send the link to my friend David and am eagerly awaiting his reply.


    Thanks again guys!

  3. I think Conor summed it up pretty well, it’s a story so it’s up to the writer who wins, and the mortal guy beating the God-like guy makes a better story.

    But, thinking about it rationally there is no way any human, even one at peak physcial & mental condition (like Batman) could beat someone who could fly faster than the speed of sound, is strong enough to kill you with a flick of thier finger & has added powers like heat vision. Superman could take down any man, before they even had time to know he was being attacked, let alone see him coming & react. And if Batman has kryptonite, Superman does like Conor said, just fly 50 feet above him and fry him with heat vision.

  4. I’d like to posit a theory about this.  Perhaps a psychological way of looking at this is that Superman consistently holds back when facing Batman.  Superman might be doing this consciously, allowing Batman to beat him senselessly until the rage expels from Batman.  Or Superman unconsciously holds back, knowing full well that if he let Batman have it truly, he’d pulverize him. 

    I totally appreciate Conor’s take, and that is a great literary take on the S v. B debate,.  That’s what makes good comics such fun!

  5. @ jrstbeef – Your theory has merit. I wonder if Superman is even really aware of the limits of his strength. His in unrelenting morality would never allow him to knowingly let completely loose on someone. I think the Justice League cartoon explored this in his battle with DarkSeid.

    I’d love to see a book in which Superman just hangs out in orbit above earth, zapping baddies with heat vision. He’d be the ultimate big brother presence. The unseen force of judgement, laying down fire from the heavens on those who dare break from his law.

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