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iFanboy Mini #105 – Pick of the Week: Final Crisis #3

Show Notes

The heroes in Final Crisis feel uneasy, a powerful sense of dread wafts over everything. They are not alone in feeling this way. It’s been a while since a comic book series has created such a palpable feeling of woe, a feeling almost tangible.

In Final Crisis #3 the terrific tragedy for the reader is that they know the heroes are doomed, but they heroes don’t. Not yet, anyway. The disparate storylines from the first two issue of Grant Morrison’s epic storyline start to come together and it doesn’t look good for the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and the rest of the DC Universe’s heroes.

You can read Conor Kilpatrick’s full Pick of the Week review here.


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  1. I wonder what fantastic and magical images you would see if you licked Grant Morrison’s back?  🙂


     the Tiki

  2. The end of this issue reminded me a lot of Rock of Ages…Loved the question and loved Wonder Woman kicking Mary Marvel´s.

    Liking this a lot.

  3. Yeah, this is very Rock of Ages.

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