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iFanboy Mini #10 – Pick of the Week: Green Lantern #29

Show Notes

There are a lot of re-hashed stories out there, and Josh Flanagan usually isn’t a big fan, but this issue of Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern is an exception.

Hal needs some fleshing out, and this tale of his youth really does help, even if it’s been told before. Strong art from Ivan Reis certainly helps as well.

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  1. "You will not go near planes"… "But I must go near planes!"…

    That sold it for me! Josh, you should have a talk show, dude… Oh wait, you do. Awesome! 

  2. I pretty much agreed with you on all points, except personally I’ve loved this book all along.  I haven’t went back and reread the earlier issues, but I’m a sucker for GL so as soon as they brought Hal back I may have overlooked the writing just because I was excited.

  3. Great mini!!  Great comic!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  You’re so right about the art….Ivan Reis is just right on the money.  Looking forward to hearing the podcast.

  4. Was it an intentional choices for your shirt to match the comic?

  5. No, but I find myself doing things like that a lot, so I think its a choice made in my subconscious.

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