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iFanboy Mini #1 – Irish Comic Book Characters

Show Notes

Irish comic book characters aren’t too hard to come by, in both super hero and non-super hero books alike. Banshee from the X-Men and Cassidy from Preacher are well known, but have you ever heard of The Gay Ghost?


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  1. *Head explodes*

    I love the new mini. Just when I thought my productivity couldn’t get any lower at work.

  2. Cassidy was cool. Especially when he met the Anne Rice vampires.

  3. Website, Podcast, Vidcast, and now a reason to wake up EVERY morning?  I will say though, shoulda called it iFanboy Singles

  4. I loved that story.  It sort of seemed like Ennis’ response to the silly Goth culture, which, ironically, Vertigo was known for.

    Granted, I don’t believe that’s actually true, but spending time with Ron has made me think it.  Damn him!

  5. of course, that kinda makes it sound like lunch meat, or cheese, but any comic lover would get it, right?

  6. You never heard of a mini-comic?  😉

    I’ll be honest, the cheese thing and the dating service angle turned us off from Singles.  It did come up.

  7. Ennis is from the North though, right?
    Oh geez, I’m my mother…

    Think this’ll be a really great addition to the site.
    Great work, chief!

  8. yeah, i’m pretty certain Cassidy is a brilliant character. So much so that my cat was named after him.

    i like iFanboy Mini. i come back to work from a st paddy’s day drunklunch to enjoy more ifanboy?

    AND i was presented with a special "FUCK COMMUNISM" zippo lighter!

    can this day get any better?



  9. AWESOME, i love getting some more iFacetime from Josh. Are you guys gonna take turns producing these?


    Also, I too was given a "FUCK COMMUNISM" zippo lighter the other week for my birthday. 

  10. Nah, just me…every single day…forever.

    No, we’re rotating.  Tomorrow, another face, and the day after, yet one more.  And some days…more than one. 

  11. Just to be boring.

    Here’s another Irish comics hero that springs to mind. Jack O’Lantern 1 (Daniel Cormack) from the Global Guardians and Jack O’Lantern 3 (Liam McHugh) who was in Primal Force and the Ultramarine Corps.

    Okay there are some Irish characters, but are there any Welsh?

  12. I just wanted to publicly recognize that the thought baloon was cropped in a fantastic way.

  13. LOL.

    God, I wish I’d done that on purpose.

  14. Are you guys seriously doing one of these every day? Wowsers, that’s cool! I sense a plan of making iFanboy a full-time occupation, in which case hell yeah!

    I heart Cassidy, easily my favourite character in Preacher (Herr Starr being a close second). 

  15. "I just wanted to publicly recognize that the thought baloon was cropped in a fantastic way."


    LOL. What is he, Yoda? 

  16. Great now I have something else to look forward to each day when I’m working god aweful hours.

    Great Show Josh, but don’t forget it’s Evacuation Day in Massachusetts.  Essentially so that they could celebrate St. Patty’s day and have a parade without it being a religous holiday being supported by Boston.

    Maybe you should have done some characters that were told to get the hell off of their teams.  Hmm that list may be as short as the one today.  Hank Pym from Ultimates is all that comes to mind. 


  17. oh btw, another Irish super-hero (or anti-hero) … Tommy Monaghan aka Hitman

  18. Tommy is Irish-American, like Daredevil, or myself.  This is a list of actual Irish characters, from Ireland.

    Not that I don’t love Hitman.

  19. Don’t know if this counts but … Lilith, daughter of Dracula (Marvel Universe), possessed Angel O’Hara, an Irish woman.  According to the Marvel Handbook: "… one night in Northern Ireland, a Catholic named Martin O’Hara learned that his daughter Angel had secretly married a Protestant named Ted Hannigan a year before, and was now pregnant by him. Martin O’Hara first struck Angel, and then hit Hannigan. who struck his head so hard on falling that he died. At that moment Angel felt a murderous hatred of her father, and Lilith’s spirit entered into her, and transformed her body into Lilith’s own vampiric form."


    Angel later moves to Greenwich Village and has a number of strange encounters under Lilith’s influence in such Marvel B&W horror mags as Vampire Tales, Dracula Lives, etc.  In one story, written by Steve Gerber, Angel becomes romantically involved with out-of-luck writer Martin Gold; her opening line at their first meeting, "Excuse me — do you like Joyce, too?"  Yes, as in James Joyce (whom Martin has not heard of, which explains why Martin probably isn’t writin’ "Talk of the Town" pieces for The New Yorker).  

  20. were there not some minor characters as irish mercenaries in one of the sin city books?

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