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Make Comics #47 – Physical Comic or Website?

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Say you’re trying to get some work making comics, and you’re talking to an editor at a convention. Is it better to hand him or her finished comics, or just direct them to your fancy website? Well, it all depends, really. Josh Flanagan and Andy Schmidt talk about what you need, mostly as a writer, to get work for hire jobs, or even to get your book published. Like most things in making comics, there’s no simple answer, and it all depends. Easy right?

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Andy Schmidt is the founder of the online comic book school Comics Experience, as well as a former editor at Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing. Josh Flanagan has been working on iFanboy.com, talking, reviewing, and thinking about comics for over a decade, as well as writing and creating some of his own.

If you’re interested in going further, you can check out Comics Experience, where there are plenty of classes available in all the disciplines of comic book creation from writing to drawing to coloring to lettering.

Got a question for the podcast? Send it to info@comicsexperience.com and put “MAKE COMICS PODCAST” in the subject line!

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  1. I used to run around cons with a satchel bag full of submissions packets, with just printed pages from my comics. eventually i moved to using POD services to actually print up the full comic. it seemed to get a little attention at the time
    (i mean… i got business cards), but it really put toll on my pockets.
    i like that image does digital submissions now, but i honestly have this horrible feeling like everything I’m about to send to them is just going to end up in a company spam folder or something. like they’re so overwhelmed they just delete stuff sight unseen if they fall too far behind per month.
    submissions processes are so stressful.
    i’ve only just recently started back trying to submit my work to publishers again
    after 10 years.
    the artwork is fairly easy for me to knock out, but the actual pitch, the summary is what’s been stumping me.

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