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iFanboy #8 – The Vault! My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer, Smoke and Guns, & Batman: Holy Terror

Show Notes

This week iFanboy hunts through their bookshelves for hidden gems you might not be so familiar with. If you need a break from the big superhero crossover events, or are just looking for some variety, we’ve got some suggestions for you.

My Monkey’s Name is Jennifer

Josh barely contains his animal rage.

Smoke and Guns

Ron gets retro-modern.

Batman: Holy Terror

Conor brings us some alternate reality Gotham.

Have you read any of these books? Can you actually find a copy of Holy Terror? Is there some other book that you love and no one ever talks about it? Let us know!


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  1. Well done yet again, gentlemen. In my humble opinion, I love when the videos focus on comics other than the weeklies (which are dealt with quite nicely in the podcast). Thanks for the picks — looks like my kids aren’t getting new shoes this month. Daddy has more books to buy!

  2. Good show as always. I really, really miss the Elseworlds stuff that DC used to put out. It was AMAZING! I mean, if it wasn’t for that, we never would have gotten something like Kingdom Come.

    I remember you guys showing the vodka guy on the NYCC video. Didn’t Conor take a shot with him? I think a book about a brooding monkey is pretty brilliant. Definitely going to scoop that one up.

    Smoke and Guns sounds like it should be a movie by Tarantino or Rodriguez. For reals.

  3. I am certain that DC said that Elseworlds are coming back this year.

    Great show guys. I have been listen now for over a year and following the videos since they started. You finally got me to jump out and say “hi.” Keep up the great work.

  4. I really enjoyed this show.. great work… Got my interest on the three titles…specially on the two indie ones. Keep it up.

    Did you guys by any chance watched or remeber a canadian show called THE ANTIGRAVITY ROOM… I remeber watching it like 10 years ago on U.S.A networks… Does it ring any bells?

  5. Are you losing weight, Ron?

  6. great show guys! of the 3 books ive read & own somke & guns which is a great great book!
    from what ive heard concerning the elseworlds books Didio stopped them cuz he wanted one coharent DC universe, which totally pisses me off by the way cuz thier bringing back the multiverse!

    im enjoying the video podcast as much as the regular podcast you guys rock! awesome!

  7. First time poster, long time listener.

    I love both flavors of the show and think that this topic was a great choice. Haven’t read “Holy Terror”, but I remember it from back in the 90’s and I just now became interested in reading it. “My Monkey’s Name Is Jennifer”, sounds genius and is something I need to check out. I was blown away by, “Smoke and Guns.” My copy was autographed by Kirsten the first day it was out. I agree with the comments above about it needing the Tarintino treatment.

  8. Hey guys. Never heard of “Batmen: Holy Terror” author Alan Brennert? I actually didn’t know he ever wrote comics but he’s got an extensive Sci Fi TV background. Some of his “New Twilight Zone” eps from the 80s are especially cool. Check his credits here:


  9. Woooothanks Josh! I believe I have a dixie cup surprise for you at the next con.

  10. That just sounds filthy.

  11. Nobody recommended any hidden gem comics in this thread, so I have a few 😉

    Winter World on Eclipse by Tim Truman, and (same) I forget the artist, without having to go to my vault to retrieve the said three issue mini-series. Set in an a post apocalypse world, where everything is covered in snow (one scenerio akin to what killed the dinosaurs). The main character is a trader/soldier of fortune wondering the landscape finding things to survive on and trade for at outpost villages along this frozen wasteland.  Just a short mini-series, but I would have loved to have seen this as a longer running series. 

     The American–Dark Horse–Mark Verhieden (sorry Mark, hopefully I didn’t butcher the last name to badly), He also wrote some of the Alien tie-in minis, currently was envovled with the new Battlestar Galattica series.  At any rate, a political satire on politics, super heroes, but done with a semi-realistic tone.  I need to reread these myself.  It was finally collected in a short graphic novel by DH.

  12. Waterworld in comic form? great!

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