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iFanboy #74 – Scott Pilgrim

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Bryan Lee O’Malley turned comics on their ear with the release of the first volume of this acclaimed series, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. The series was like nothing we’d ever seen: a combination of music, relationships, video games, manga, and sheer mad genius.

Josh, Ron, and Conor try to distill just what is so special about Scott Pilgrim, and we find out all about Ron’s special night in bed with the first book, and what this all has to do with Harry Potter and Arrested Development.

Clearly, Oni Pressย has struck gold, and surely Scott’s rating is indeed “awesome.” And once you read the first one, it would be nearly impossible to stop before reading the second, third, and fourth volumes.


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  1. Who are the Stone Temple Pilots and I didn’t know that Adam Sandler was ever on TV, I thought he only did movies.  Anyway, I have been thinking about picking this book up forever, but I keep on grabbing Invincible and Y: The Last Man and super hero stuff; But the next time I drop by Barnes and Nobles I am definately getting vol 1.

  2. Love the Pilgrim. and    I feel so old.

  3. @Webnet – Adam Sandler was on Saturday Night Live for 5 seasons – 1990-1995.

  4. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Conor – Jack Nicholson in About Schmidt.  So it’s possible. 

     It’s interesting.  I think the easier jump is Michael Cera as Young Neil. But I’m excited to see what Cera does as Scott.  I agree wholeheartedly that he is an actor to watch.  And I think the same of Jonah Hill (who, now that I think about it, has the Scott Pilgrim in-your-face personality).  

  5. Gordon may very well have outdone himself on this promo… oh and you guys were okay too.

  6.  Scott Pilgrim is indeed awesome too bad I think there are only two more volumes. That twist at the end of volume 1 threw me as well and I didn’t know how I felt about it, but it all worked out fine in the end. 

     Sounds like you should do a show on manga with some non-stereotypical stuff like Monster.

  7. Yeah, this into about Adam Sandler made me feel sad. Anyways, thanks for going over Scott Pilgrim, as I’ve always wanted to check it out. It will probably be my next venture after Y: The Last Man. I’ll also be interseted in what you guys have to say about that series after volume ten comes out. I’m trying to prove to myself I’m more then capes an cowls.

  8. @Paul Montgomery –  I think that Micheal Cera can handle it, even though most of his roles are laid back (Juno, Arrested Development, Superbad).  Look at Shia La-I’m-in-every-movie-coming-out-next-year-Beouf, he started on a Disney Channel show in the early 2000 and moved to Transformers, Saturday Night Live, and Indiana Jones which are all completely different roles.

    @Conor –  I didn’t believe you but I looked at a few of his sketches on Hulu, sorry if I made you feel old

  9. @Webnet – Why would I lie about Adam Sandler being on SNL?  How do you think he got his movie roles?

    All of those movies you listed for Shia – they were all him playing the same character which is basically different versions of himself.  Same with Michael Cera.

  10. Josh was actually slightly wrong in the open – we weren’t Scott Pilgrim’s age when Adam Sandler was on SNL.  That was 1995, we were Pilgrim’s age in 2000.

  11. @Anyone Who’s Thinking Of Picking Up This Book – Just do it! I picked up volume 1 after the guys mentioned it briefly on a video show (forget which one), and I was blown away and quickly ordered the others. The guys are right, it’s an experience all by itself, and no one explaining it to you can get that experience across. The iFanboys did an amazing job with this show, but you simply need to read this to get it.

    As for the movie, Wright is a smart, smart director, and I don’t think he’d cast Michael Cera without knowing Cera could deliver the performance, or that he could get the performance out of him. It’s not star casting for the sake of it; he had an uncredited Cate Blanchett play a masked forensic detective in Hot Fuzz. And now that Mary Elizabeth Winstead is playing Ramona (who looks about as close to a real-life version of Ramona as you’ll probably find, in my opinion) I think the film’s in good hands. Josh said it best, the guy’s a genius.

    And if anyone’s worried about the video game aspect being translated, please watch the Spaced series 1 finale where Tim & Daisy have an argument about his ex-girlfriend. It’s low-budget, for sure, but this guy clearly knows how to do that stuff and make it real, fun and interesting.

    This show was fried gold!!!! 

  12. @ Conor – I was having trouble understanding how Saturday Night Live could have him doing the same roles over and over again like his movies for five straight years (Water Boy, Anger Management, Chuck and Larry).  Slighty related segway, with Shia they are similar but different roles. In Indiana Jones he is fighting and adventuring around with a minimal amount of screaming, in Transformers is more of him spazing out and running away from everything, and in SNL he is basically acting mentally ill (http://tinyurl.com/5eha42) or just stupid(http://tinyurl.com/5gq2xj) (http://tinyurl.com/6fn7ej).  The characters are similar but I think if he can fill those roles without changing his personality then there is hope for Micheal Cera as Scott Pilgrim.  Then again my Scott Pilgrim books are in the mail from Amazon and I wont read the series until Thursday, so maybe my logic is flawed (I couldn’t wait to go to Barnes and Nobles…so I ordered online…….which I guess will make my wait longer………..but I did use the IFanboy Comic Store = Win).

  13. @Conor re: "Josh was actually slightly wrong in the open – we weren’t Scott Pilgrim’s age when Adam Sandler was on SNL.  That was 1995, we were Pilgrim’s age in 2000."

    Oh god, don’t tell me all your ages go by some sort of comic book sliding timescale.

    @Webnet: You’re right. The popularity Adam Sandler gained by being on tv every week, proving his talents on a comedic skit show, had NOTHING to do with him landing a series of comedic movies. In fact the producers of those movies didn’t even find out he had been on tv until years later. They just thought they had discovered him themselves right off the street. Sandler’s agent who got him those jobs didn’t even mention the fact that he had proven himself on SNL!

  14. Okay iFanboys, I’m ordering all four volumes. Are you happy now? No need to point a gun to my head.

  15. Adam Sandler also got fired from SNL because the studio heads didn’t think he was funny enough, Even though Lorne Micheals liked him a lot he was let go in 95. Read Live From New York. It’s a great book.
    Oh and Scott Pilgrim changed my life.

  16. @ Flapjaxx – Yes, Vindication.  My Sandler ignorance is not only shared by my youthful peers but also movie producers.  Sorry for stirring the Sandler nest (its like I said Beta House was better than American Pie 1, Jeez), 

    AnYWaYz, I have been reading the previews of Scott Pilgrim from the official website and I am utterly hyped.  I can’t wait for those books to come in the mail.

  17. @Webnet – I’m pretty sure flapjaxx is being sarcastic.  Of course his movie producers knew he was on SNL.

  18. So, am I one of the few who thinks Cera is kind of soft spoken, naturally, and it would be weird for him to play a hyperactive twenty-something. I don’t know if he’s type cast into the roles or if they are him.

  19. @ Conor – I knew that…. No, no I didn’t.. I am going to give up on this argument, I forgot what I was trying to prove…. signs of obsession and insomnia

    @ Psyguy411 – you are not the only one, Paul and Connor are doubting Cera too

  20. @Webnet – Paul is very pro-Michael Cera.  ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. @Conor –  Even though he expressed interest in Cera’s portrayal of Scott, I thought Paul just recommended Cera’s Superbad counter opposite, Jonah Hill, as Scott and Cera for the reserved Young Neil.  But then again, I guess you can read it differently and you know him so your probably right ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. There are two directors out there right now whose sensibilities I trust completely. One is Chris Nolan, the other is Edgar Wright. So I’m not worried about Michael Cera at all, I like him as an actor and I doubt Edgar would’ve cast him if he didn’t think he could get the performance from him.

  23. I am 39 and absolutely love the Scott Pilgrim books.  I wonder who would have been cast as Scott had the books been out and the movie been made when I was 22-23 in the early 1990’s.  Michael J. Fox? John Cusack? Keanu Reeves?


  24. @mdg – Ohhhh, Michael J. Fox would have been an AMAZING Scott Pilgrim! Maybe more so in the late 80’s, but he looks so damn young he could’ve pulled it off.

  25. AHHH! You guys didn’t mention the origins of Scott Pilgrim. How it was based off of a song by the band Plumtree, a great chick band from Nova Scotia. The song is actually called Scott Pilgrim, and the band is great.

  26. people don’t know about Sandler on SNL??? that was the golden age of snl for me.

    they used to show snl reruns on comedy central and e! like no one’s business, did they stop doing that??     

  27. I’m so excited for all of you out there who will get to read this for the first time, you lucky bastards. I’m probably on my 20th re-read of each book, easily. 

    I have given this book to the widest range of people, my mom, my cousins, almost all of my non-comic-reading co-workers, and it is universally beloved. So hilarious and quotable… THEY GOT A GIRL DRUMMER?? I HATE HER SO MUCH. For a fun time, you can also check out Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee O’Malley’s website/livejournal/flickr/thingemie… http://radiomaru.com/

    I must admit, I have faith in the movie, seeing as how Michael Cera is in fact Canadian!! Just like Scott! He’s just a bit on the young side, but that’s good for sequels, right? And Edgar Wright is just about the smartest, funniest person in show business right now, even without this great source material. C’mon!! I just hope that it’s set in Toronto like it is in the book, instead of transplanting the movie into middle america somewheres…


  28. @conor Just finished devouring Scott Pilgrim vols. 1-4 based on your recommendation. They made me smile a lot. Thank you!

  29. Awesome!

  30. I just finished the first vol.  and it kicked so much ass.  i love this book.  How did I miss this.  why did i pass it up/?  what an idiot

  31. read the first, got the second and then the next three in one go and just pre-ordered the upcoming book ๐Ÿ˜€

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