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iFanboy #72 – Sin City

Show Notes

Frank Miller, the comic writer and artist was best known for his work in the 1980s on Daredevil and Batman, but it wasn’t until he moved to Dark Horse Comics with his noir tale Sin City, that his career’s work would be realized.

Spread out over 7 collected books, Sin City is black and white (and some color every now and then),  talk of the underbelly of the darkest, dirtiest city, where the criminals are just trying to make a living, the cops are corrupt, the hookers rule the streets and there may just be only a few decent guys around.

The books of Sin City are:

In 2005, the film adaptation of Sin City was released, directed by Robert Rodriguez and starring Bruce Willis, Clive Owen, Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and many others as the film was the translation of the comic book, looking very much like the pages of the art that Miller conceived. This process led to the next movie adaptation of Frank Miller’s work, 300.


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  1. I really like the Term "Damaged Dudes" for messed up guys.

  2. The real beauty of these is, you can always get them from your public library system, so its not necessary to shell out the $150 to read these classics.

  3. You can take a look at the Sin City Library up on my Flickr page:




  4. @ChrisCCL – Those are awesome.

  5. Cool show, guys.

    I’ll agree with Conor 120% and say Sin City is one of the all time best series in comics — the art is beautiful, the writing is gritty & compelling as anything could be.

    If you haven’t read these, put them on top of your must-read list, they are everything the guys in the show said & more. The highest level of comics, for real.

  6. @Conor – watch where you point those fingers.

    Guhhhn Fingas!

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