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iFanboy #7 – New York Comic Con 2007

Show Notes

It’s the dead of winter in New York City. Can you think of a better time to hold a major comic book convention? Sure, we can too, but we went anyway, cameras blazing.

Much like New York Comic Con 2007 itself, this episode is bursting with more than it can hold. Josh, Ron, and Conor do the convention floor as only they can. Along the way, we talked to a lot of people behind the comics we love, like…

  • David Peterson
  • Keith Giffen
  • Jimmy Palmiotti
  • Robin Furth, Jae Lee, and Chris Eliopoulos
  • Augie De Blieck Jr.
  • Ken Knudsen
  • Michael Avon Oeming
  • Chris Neseman & Brian Salazar
  • Paul Dini
  • Brian K. Vaughan
  • JG Jones
  • Jeff Smith

So settle in for this giant-size episode and enjoy.

The first major convention of 2007 is complete and it nearly killed us. It’s a good thing that Wonder Con is a mere days away!


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  1. props for getting a shot of the fat guy dressed up as skeletor going down the escalator

  2. Great job on the show guys. This definitely gives the viewers a great insight into the Cons, especially if you don’t get any within a decent radius of where you live. Kudos on another great show.

    P.S. Love all of the All songs.

  3. It was good to meet you guys at the con. Sorry I didn’t make it to your shindig, but if I go next year, I’ll check it out for sure. Couldn’t resist the chance to try to talk to some of the Marvel cats.

    Anyways, the comic con was awesome. Can’t wait to see your coverage of the other ones…

  4. Did you guys happen to walk by and/or check out the Evil Ink Comics booth (Booth #178) at the con? Claudio Sanchez of Coheed and Cambria was signing his book and I wanted to know how well that went over. He’s my hero and I want to marry him and have his babies.

  5. Are you going to lose respect for me when I say I don’t know who that is? Cuz I’m going to say that.

  6. I think Evil Ink is the ink they used for the KISS comic with a drop of blood from each KISS member.

  7. http://www.coheedandcambria.com/

    I told Ron about it like a week or two ago in an e-mail… ask him

  8. My freind and I went because my freind likes cohead and cambria. There wasnt that big of a line and Claudio was realy nice to everyone. I took a pic of my friend and Claudio.

  9. Ron’s on his way to San Francisco with Conor at the moment to go to Wondercon, so you’ll have to make do with me. But, no we didn’t get over there. Things were kinda crazy busy.

  10. Then again, maybe they did on sunday. I was editing at home all day.

  11. Josh, I tried downloading the QT file over at Rev3, but I got just audio, no video. Same thing happened to me last week. Suggestions?

  12. I can check with them on it. We don’t have much to do with the tech side of things at Rev3, but I do know who to talk to. I haven’t heard that from anyone else though.

  13. It’s not a big problem. I just watch the smaller version, which is just fine.

  14. Ah I was on hand for the sock puppet thing.

  15. Josh, loved how you owned up the Robinson about not knowing Tricked had come out.

    I also enjoyed it since it was a call back to the first few podcasts.

  16. Going WAY back.

  17. Really enjoyed the show and I really appreciate the effort that you guys put into covering the cons for those of us who aren’t able to attend. Looking for to San Francisco next I assume.

  18. “Aren’t you suppose to be dead?”
    “Shut up!”

    hahaha! bravo!

    In all seriousness, I enjoyed every minute of the video. I can’t wait to see how long the San Diego Comic-Con one will be!

    Oh and did you guys get footage of the riot I heard you almost caused at the Jeff Smith booth?

  19. That was “Unemployed Skeletor” on the escalator, and he had a cardboard sign around his neck pointing you to his MySpace page. Life in the 2000s is surely a funny place to be.

  20. Yes…. Yes it is.

  21. am i on yet?

  22. Not yet. We didn’t use that stuff in this show. But we will.

  23. I finally watched the NYCC episode. Another great one. You guys rock. HOLY CRAP what was a Darkhawk sketch! How did I miss that? Cool. Very cool.

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