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iFanboy #64 – The Vault! The Golem’s Mighty Swing, Indiana Jones Omnibus Vol. 1, & Breakfast After Noon

Show Notes

On the set of an entirely different show, the iFanboy crew resists the temptation to discuss motherboards and RAM. Instead, it’s time for a vault show. 3 Men, 3 Books, and Patrick Norton is nowhere to be seen.

Conor goes with The Golem’s Mighty Swing, the story of a barnstorming Jewish baseball team in the 1920’s.

Ron grabs the whip, and is all about Dark Horse’s Indiana Jones Omnibus, Vol. 1, reprinting great out of print comics in a handy size.

Josh brings up the rear, playing to type with a British relationship graphic novel by Andi Watson, with Breakfast After Noon.

And maybe if you’re lucky, we’ll help you with your backup storage solution, but no promises.



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  1. HOLY CRAP. Did you guy’s raid a TV studio? Awesome set!

  2. I’m not so sure about that set. What was up with the piece of paper just taped to the desk? Anyways, I like the living room a lot better, but if you’re going to use a set, the plasma screen logo makes sense, but not a piece of paper taped hanging from a desk.

     Also, Gordon brought the funny. Those commercials were bizarre and hilarious.

  3. It’s just possible that it’s the set from another show on Revision3.

  4. i miss the couch.

  5. That must have been exciting filming over at Rev3.

    Who doesn’t like Indiana Jones?  Nazis!  — Greatest moment of the episode. 

  6. Nice. Now I imagine the tekzilla hosts tied up in a janitor’s closet with Darrel.

  7. I LOVE THE SET!!!!! do it again please

  8. Way to make Conor stand

  9. We were all standing!  🙂

  10. All of those books sound really great.  I plan on buying the Indy Omnibus for my roommate for his B-Day next week since he’s a fan.  He did graduate with a classical archeology degree.

    Now that Ron works at Revision3 are there going to be more of these delicious episodes shot there?  That set is really fantastic.  I really enjoy most of the shows on Revision3.  I was told that I had to make people start watching Tekzilla, by the man himself.

    Also it looks like you finally broke Gordon, I hope you’re happy!

  11. Look at you guys getting all fancy with your sets now! Great show, ‘Breakfast After Noon’ is looking like a definite must-buy.

    Gordon, we care about you too! 

  12. So now I’m subscribing to Tekzilla. Thanks Guys. LOL. 

  13. I’ve often thought what iFanboy really needed was a good stack of bricks!

  14. ron got it right…. LETS GO, METS!

  15. I appaulaud doing something different but I like the couch and no more awkward close ups of Conor.  I was thinking about getting that Indie Omni or the new series coming in June

  16. I haven’t read "Breakfast After Noon" yet but I’m surprised you picked it, Josh, only because from the show it seems to be very similar in both theme and artwork to "Blankets" which I know you didn’t particularly care for.

    I literally bought the Indy Omnibus the day before this episode came out and I’m really enjoying it.  I never read the original run – were there more arc?  Do you think there will be more volumes?

  17. I like the couch: it’s more relaxing.  And, I disagree with lantern4life, we need more close ups of Conor!

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