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iFanboy #6 – Ed Brubaker and Dan Slott

Show Notes

iFanboy returns to Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City to get the scoop from Ed Brubaker and Dan Slott! It’s not all fun and games, though. Like a California wildfire a virus spread through iFanboy leaving death and destruction in its wake. Perhaps that’s a bit over dramatic, but the sickness knocked out Josh, which left Ron & Conor to do the show in a haze of over-the-counter cold medicines and ancient, mysterious herbal remedies found only in the deepest, darkest corners of Chinatown.

It is purely from comic book will that the guys made it through this one alive. Changed? Perhaps. But alive, nonetheless.


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  1. Dan Slott is a great guy. I met him last year at Philly and he was one of the most entertaining people on the marvel panels. I hope he’ll be back this year.

    I really love Brubaker. I’ve been following his work since I came back into comics and found him on the various Batman books. Being a DC guy it kinda annoys me how much Mravel I have to buy thanks to him. I mean I was already on board with Daredevil, but captain America? Not exactly something thats on my list normally.

    Any word on Brubaker’s con schedule?

    With Criminal Brubaker just put up that review sources can request copies of the first Criminal trade. I do some work for a local newspaper and I think I’m going to see if the editor would be game for it. I think he will. He loves Brubaker’s Cap too. 😀

  2. Once again another great podcast by the iFanboys!!!!

  3. Good show, guys! Makes me want to reread those Cap stories.

  4. And for a preview of the next year in Captain America stories, just read Daredevil: The Devil Inside and Out Vol. 1!

  5. Come on. Do you think Cap will be in jail for ten minutes, or will it last as many as fifteen?

  6. 12, with good behavior.

  7. I thought it was a funny comment.

  8. Great show as always fellas. I’m always amazed at how you don’t geek out when you run into those guys. I would be stumbling over my words, sweating, and finishing every sentence with, “Did I tell you how amazing your comics are yet?”

    I haven’t really read much Dan Slott, but his Avengers book sounds pretty cool.

    Brubaker is god. Period.

  9. “Ed”, conor? how about Mr. Brubaker? little respect. man writes a lot of good books.


  10. He calls my boy Mr. Kilpatrick, and maybe we’ll see.

  11. That was your best work yet. Serious goodness.

  12. great interview guys, keep up the good work!

  13. Conor: You really showed some super deft interviewing skill with Brubaker on the whole “X-Men” thing — well handled.

    Now here is my question — instead of X-Men, wouldn’t a reboot of the Invaders – circa WWll at the start with original core members, then gradually introducing Union Jack and Spitfire and all the great bad guys from the run in the 70s/80s been great for avoiding Marvel’s latest spectacular crossover event?

    Just wondering out loud, but I think in the interview you illicited information that answerd many queries I have wondered aloud about on threads before — very well done, you got some good info out of him in a very diplomatic interview with no slavish fanboy drooling I have heard on other podcasts like the one Brubaker mentioned being kicked off of, that sits unlistened to in my iTunes folder where Oliver –who I think is great – has been scarce recently.

    But bravo, good interview, and loved Slotts’s “whacky button” remarks… good job too, Ron.

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