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iFanboy #56 – Spotlight on Alan Davis

Show Notes

There have been a ton of creators from the UK working in American comics, but one artist stands out in the hearts of iFanboy, and that’s Alan Davis, best known for his Batman, JLA and X-Men work.

Running Time: 00:24:25


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  1. Cant download the episode after 5 tries something is screwy w/ podmadic in WMV format. Please Fix!


  2. we’re looking into it! stay tuned

  3. Great show! I loved Excalibur too. I picked up #1 because of the cover art, and was very happy with the title for a year or two after that. I think I might track down The Nail, that sounds interesting.

  4. I finally downloaded it on another broswer after 4 & half hours of the new episode. Thanks for the new show.

  5. Great show guys! It’s almost a shame that some of his earlier work is so tied up in the legal battles, and we can all hope that some day, cooler heads will prevail and we’ll be able to enjoy all that stuff.

    I’m definitely tracking down The Nail because I love me some Elseworld Superman tales.

  6. Excellent job, guys. THE NAIL is one of my favorite of Davis’ comics, though EXCALIBUR will always be my favoritest.

    He’s the last artist left I’d kill for an original art page from. . .

  7. Hey hey hey, where’s the love for Lobdell and Davis’s Fantastic Four reboot post “Heroes Reborn”? That might have been the best Marvel stuff that Lobdell’s ever done, not to mention how exciting Davis’s FF looked.

  8. Like Ron, Excalibur was the first book that really got me into comics and because of that I have always loved Alan Davis’s work and style. I’m really glad to see you did a video show on him.

  9. “Hey hey hey, where’s the love for Lobdell and Davis’s Fantastic Four reboot post “Heroes Reborn”?”
    Yeah, I’m surprised that didn’t at least get a retrospective mention during the The End talk. While it might not be the best project he collaborated on, I think his FF is the one that jumps to mind as some of his best and most typical work.

    That curvy, almost puffy look (Clan Destine, FF, X-Men), is what I associate with Davis, more than the earlier stuff.

    Good show though.
    Couldn’t have seen an Alan Davis show coming. That had to be a Ron proposal!

  10. You didn’t mention it on the show (unless I missed it), but Alan Davis actually returned to Excalibur a year or two after leaving the book, this time to script as well as pencil (Claremont had left the book as well). It was terrific stuff, and he brought some great new characters into the book (like Cerise and Kylun). And Davis even resolved a few plots points that had been introduced as early as issue #1 . I really like this second run, but it moves very, very far away from the dynamics of the X-Books (the presence of three former X-Men not withstanding) and is more “pure” Alan Davis in sensibility.

  11. Davis is good don’t get me wrong, but if you want the real thing just buy Perez. Great show guys, I’m on board for that JLA Nail, I guess I could go pick it up at ifanboy.com/store lol (I think you guys are getting through to us).


    sorry I have issues about stuff like that. please excuse me.

  13. He never said Morrison was English.  He said he came from the English comic scene, which is a debatable term.  Also, we did a whole week of Grant Morrison shows, and clearly, we know he’s Scottish.  Enough with the caps.  Sheesh.


  15. ok then

  16. Actually funny that this bubbles up as very recently I’ve been schooled on the geography and differences between England and the other areas of the UK – so, I can understand how you feel..

    that said, no need for caps like that 😉


  18. I know this is from many months ago but this seems the best place to ask this…I’m a big Davis fan and is there any hope that the X-Men stuff he did in Uncanny with Claremont about five years ago was any good?  I’m suspecting not as it was way past Claremont’s sell-by date but I can but hope.  Oh, and the first part of Alan Davis’ writing stint on Excalibur (some of my favorite comics ever) has just been released as a trade, so yay to that.

  19. I never even heard of Davis until now.  Weird.

  20. i’m not a huge fan of the FF but The End looks good. going to have to pick that up.

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