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iFanboy #55 – Kingdom Come

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It takes a big man to admit when he’s wrong, and this week, Josh is that big man. Having initially dismissed Kingdom Come, he is now willing to admit his mistake and repent.

In 1996, DC Comics rocked the comic book reading world with Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ four part epic — Kingdom Come, the tale of a not too distant future when the children of the current superheroes ran amok with nothing to keep them in check. Both Conor and Ron were amongst those thoroughly rocked. Not so much Josh. When he first read the Kingdom Come collection he claimed to be not so impressed. Recently, things changed. Having steeped himself in more DC Comics books than ever before Josh decided to take a crack at it and low and behold, he was rocked as well. That Josh, always 11 years behind the times.




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  1. Yay Martin!

  2. I love the story but the artwork not my favorite. I have nothing against Alex Ross, I just didn’t feel as though it works with this book. I would have like it if he did pencil only, I feel as the paint takes away from his work. Just like Josh, a few complaints here and there about little things. But a great story never the less.

  3. Yeah, this is Ross’ masterpiece. I think that’s because he needed Waid’s scripting to bring out the best of his plot. So–great writer, plus great artist (who’s in to the characters)–equals great book? Whooda-thunkit?

    Has Ross ever done an all pencil (no paint) comic? I would like to see that.

  4. Even now, Kingdom Come is an epic story. It had some of the best art I had ever seen when it came out, and still has some today. I was so excited when Kingdom Come Superman came to JSA. In fact, all the characters from Kingdom Come were awesome and a really interesting look at an alternate future. I would be surprised that anyone could really hate it nowadays.

  5. I was going into my freshman year of high school when I first encountered Kingdom Come, I was volunteering down at the Public Library in Jefferson City and it was within easy walking distance of the only decent comic store in the whole city (there were only 2 at the time but nonetheless) and I was finally getting back into comics after a few years away (I had sort of reached my logical conclusion with the Image bubble [I think it was “The New Men” that finally did me in] a few years beforehand) and with the temptation so nearby I finally decided to dive back in. I bought issue 2 first and sort of fell head first into my first real experience of the DC Universe. This book opened my eyes to the whole wonderful world of DC and for the first time a Marvel kid who cut his teeth on Image finally became a DC Junkie … within the next year and a half I was buying the Dark Knight trade, Starman trades, and by January of ’98 my fascination with Nightwing had begun … now, thanks almost entirely to Kingdom Come, I have a pull and hold that reflects almost all of the DC publishing schedule and and a handful of Marvel … Thanks for this show guys, made me realize that it was time to break down and get that big bad Absolute Kingdom Come that has been sitting on the shelves of the store I manage.

  6. I’m ashamed to say I’d never heard of this title. But from that show, and the comments posted so far, it sounds all kinds of awesome!!!

    The Absolute looks gorgeous… is it worth shelling out the extra cash for it if I’ve not read it yet?

  7. PS: Who won the Wii boxing match?

  8. Great episode guys.

  9. Kingdome Come is really the story that cemented me as a comic fan and forever a DC fan as well. Until this point, I dabbled in Batman (as anyone my age did after the 89 movie came out) and then got into the image stuff and then felt unfufilled. I do think this is one of the greats and the fact that story elements are still being used in the DCU today, says a lot about it’s place in comics.

    And Eyun, yes, the absolute is worth every penny. I have the Graphitti Designs Hardcover that came out in 97 or 98 (and I dropped $100 on it!) and the Absolute reprints all of that as well as being oversized. The sketches section is not to be missed.

  10. Cheers, Nate, I’m sold! Just ordered it!

  11. I work over at threadless.com and just wanted to say thanks to Ron for wearing our shirts!

  12. Hey Lance, you might want to check out…any of our other episodes.

  13. Great episode!



    Kingdom Come, the book I get Marvel Zombies to jump ship and come over to check out. I think because it is self-contained, I can make a pitch to newbies to DC pretty easy.


  14. I read Kingdom Come a few years ago, before I was a regular reader of DC books, so I figure I’ll give it another shot. I may have been hard on it, since for the most part I didn’t know anyone beyond the animated JLU characters.

  15. I have to say, Uncle Fester raised some good points.

  16. Hey, great show guys! I know I’m a little late in watching this (shockingly, I’m a little behind in my media), but I really enjoyed your show.

    I was 13 when Kingdom Come first came out, and even then I knew it was something special. I read about it in the CSN paper that I used to get with my comics, and I ordered and waited patiently for it. I devoured all four issues and pawed through them, probably, 8 billion times. These were the first comics that I bagged and boarded and whenever I move, they’re the first four issues I make sure are well taken care of. So, this story holds a special place for me.

    I think all of you were dead-on in what makes this story so great, and it really is the pinnacle of all other Elseworlds titles.

    I just wish I wasn’t on “money lock down” right now. Thanks to a visit to the eye doctor (and crappy vision insurance) all major comic purchases have been put on hold. You can bet your bottom dollar that when I get some loose change, the absolute of this bad boy is the first thing I’m buying.

  17. I plan on it Josh! I just got hip to the site so I’ll be checking it daily…keep up the good work!

  18. Just wanted to say thanks again for this show. My Absolute arrived today and I read it in one sitting… Wow! Hard work at times, but completely worth it. I loved every second, and I’m not overstating much to say I was blown away! Cheers, guys, for pointing me in the right direction.

    And thanks again to Nate for advising getting the Absolute edition. You were right, mate, it’s beautiful and worth every penny!

  19. Awesome. I love that book.

  20. Kingdom Come is my favourite graphic novel and it’s been fascinating watching little pieces of it creep into the normal DCU. Aside from JSA currently there was the flawed sequel The Kingdom, which I know many people dislike, but if you discard the bookending chapters, is an interesting look at the future of KC except without the mythological overtones that made KC so unique. Ibn al Xu’ffasch (how the hell do you pronounce that!) Nightstar, Kid Flash IV and Offspring are still great characters though. There is a great interview at Comic Book Resources with Alex Ross about the problems relating to getting the sequel made and is sad to hear about how the working relationship between Waid and Ross dissolved. An indirect prequel to KC (as far as I know) and just a good old fashioned Legion of Doom vs JLA match up exists as the limited series Justice, with art again by Alex Ross and some brilliant scenes that echo and yet built to (if that makes sense) Kingdom Come.

  21. I thought they would mention some of the sequels on here!!

  22. i was like ron. it really got me interested in DC. i spent the first couple of hours getting orgins for every one

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