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iFanboy #48 – The iFanboy 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

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Are you looking to spread some graphic novel love this holiday season? This year, iFanboy is here to help you with your shopping. There are all kinds of people out there, and Ron, Josh, and Conor are convinced that there’s a comic book for every one of them.


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  1. I am totally getting an Escapists HC (Came out on 12/12) for a potential significant other. Great show gents! The losers is awesome.

  2. Conor’s hat looks rather….excited…

    Great recommendations guys! My Niece will love Plain Janes and Mouse Guard.

  3. The Escapist came out in hardcover?!


    I think I’ll buy Bone for myself.

  4. I did my Christmas shopping (for myself) Last Thursday… I bought a lot based on your recommendations from your previous shows.

    Bought Clumsy, unfortunately there’s no way to buy BE A MAN on amazon, bought Project X Cup of Noodles. I don’t remember if your recommended Blankets but also bought that.

    Jimmy Corrigan, Hardboiled and pride of Baghdad.

  5. I got my niece Classic Star Wars Volume 3 and my nephew The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (he’s two, this is the perfect first comic book that his Mom won’t realize is a comic book). I wanted to get my other nephew Mouse Guard but ended up buying him too much other stuff. I just bought a used copy of Pedro And Me for myself (only a buck!) too. My niece has borrowed and read my copy of Bone and liked it as well. I find that I buy a lot of comic book gifts for kids to try to pull them in to comics, but I have a harder time giving them to adults because, even though there are great books that I know they would enjoy, I just don’t think they’ll give them the chance. Maybe I should try more.

  6. Maybe I should try more.

    You should. Great books will break people’s misconceptions. Just make sure it’s something they’ll actually like.

  7. great show, as usual. Just something I noticed that should be pointed out to the strapped-for-cash crowd:
    X-Men: First Class is also available in paperback (or at least it was in my shop) for around 15 bucks as compared to the 25 bucks for the hardcover, and it survived a day in EMT headquarters and ambulances

  8. I just finally found time to watch the show and it was really great! I actually e-mailed this question a few months back to get ideas for my family. For my sister’s birthday, I took a chance and got her “The Plain Janes,” and she liked it! Not one to miss my foot in the door, I decided that for Christmas I would get a book for each member of my family that I thought they’d like.

    So the day after Thanksgiving, I hopped on Amazon.com and bought the following:

    For my mom: Persepolis–She isn’t very interested in all the political stuff, but I found this story endearing and powerful. Plus, she loves seeing foreign films and what better way to prepare for the upcoming release than to read through the collection.

    For my dad: The Losers, Vol. 1–My dad is just how Ron described his dad (if it really was…)in the show…an action junkie. I found each of these trades to be almost like it’s own action opus. If he likes this one, I can see this series a regular present for birthdays, father’s days, and future Christmases.

    For my sister: Fables, Vol. 1–At first, I thought Scott Pilgrim, but decided to take a chance on the idea of Fables. My sister loves these fable characters and as an art history major, she loves looking at lore and things as they relate to art. My hope is that she can buy into this. If she does, I think she’s going to enjoy the hell out of it.

    Thanks for the recommendations guys…I have a few more ideas now in case this whole comic thing works out.

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