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iFanboy #46 – Tribute to Mike Wieringo

Show Notes

The world of comic books suffered a tragic loss when Mike Wieringo passed away this past August at the age of 44.

Mike Wieringo was a penciler and artist on many comic books published by the major publishers: DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Image Comics.

In this episode, we’re joined by some folks who worked with Mike and appreciated his art:

Mike Wieringo also maintained a personal blog, which featured daily sketches as well as his thoughts about working in comics.


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  1. Great Homage!
    Great testimonies and edition.
    Mike will be remembered and I will buy Tellos Colossal!

  2. best ifanboy episode ever?


    (and its not just because josh isnt there! heh.)

    seriously though, amazing job guys. the interviews were really a great addition.

  3. Conor talks in another post about wanting to like FF but not being able to really stay interested in it over the years. I was always the same way until I heard about this guy Mark Waid when I was getting back into comics. At the time, I thought, “Eh, maybe I’ll check it out if this guy is as good as they say… wait, holy ****, who is this artist?!” I was hooked on Wieringo from that point on.

    Thanks for this episode! I had no idea he’d done so much before I “discovered” him. I gotta track down those Spidey books!

  4. Guys, this was a stunning episode, seriously among your best work ever. A first-class documentary, touching and informative but really got across Mike’s absolutely joy in his work.

    I’m ashamed to say as someone pretty new to comics I’d not heard of Mike or his work, but after a few minutes of watching this I was hooked. His art was truly unique and beautiful, and it is now my mission to track down everything I can (Tellos and Fantastic Four are top of the list).

    So thank you, as I’d not have known about this incredible artist without this podcast.

  5. Those Spider-Man books are really hidden gems, and I’ve found them a lot over the years in the dollar or even quarter bins. I’d love to see a HC collection of all of them.

  6. Those pages were a nice treat. There is a wealth of his pencils online, all beautiful work. Is it just a coincidence that the finished page with Doom on it has a sign that reads ‘Augie, Fortune Teller’?

  7. *total* coincidence 🙂

  8. Bravo, standing ovation. Those FF pages look incredible.

    Absoultely wonderful tribute to a great artist.

  9. Heh heh. Yeah, the reason I looked for that page and bought it was that Chris E. had used my name on the sign in the background. Sadly, in this age of computer lettering, the lettering doesn’t show up the page. Damn computers!

    I’m such a lettering a geek, though, that I have a couple pages in my collection just for the lettering on them.

  10. Bravo!

    Well done episode.

    I’ve seen all of the iFanboy episodes, and this is far the best. Not just because they are memorizing Mike Wieringo, his work will be missed, but also because you really get a sense of the comic book community which these guys are so often talking about.

    I love Mike Wieringo’s art, but this is truly a leap for iFanboy, creative wise. I love the interviews with Tom Brevoort and Todd Dezago, and wish they would do more industry interviews.

    I read in another internet column, right after the death of Wieringo, how there is a collection of part of his Fantastic Four run… right after the big showdown with Dr. Doom in his and Waid’s run, there is a six issue story with Howard Porter on art which results in the death of the Thing and another multi-issue run with Wieringo where they ‘resurrect’ the Thing… There’s a hardcover of these two story lines collected, and the first half (Howard Porter’s art), the pages are black viewing the hardcover edge-on, and Wieringo’s second half are white, just illustrating Wieringo’s perpetual optimism.

    He will be missed. I personally would have loved to see his take on the Legion of Superheroes.

  11. I really liked that this episode managed to go a bit deeper than the usual summary/sales pitch, to talk a bit more about the fundamentals of Wieringo’s artwork.

    Great job, guys!

  12. NiK – This is the pic you’re thinking of: http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/index.cgi?column=pipeline&article=2866

    Thanks for the kind words.

  13. This is nice timing as I have just finished Tellos Colossal. I was just utterly blown away by its beauty. In fact, I flipped through the book 2-3 times just to soak in the art before actually reading it. Great stuff. Mike W. you will be missed.

  14. Beautiful Edition. I’m ashamed to have never read his stuff, but Tellos Colossal is now on my list, just waiting on that next check 😉

  15. awesome guys, very well done

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