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iFanboy #44 – The Tote Bag Game (Part Two)

Show Notes

In episode 41, the iFanboys were tasked with having to read some comics they had once dismissed or did not enjoy. And now that the reading assignments are done — will opinions change? Come along for the vindication, the reaffirmation, and the conciliation.

Three weeks ago a gauntlet was tossed to the ground with authority. The iFanboys forced each other to revisit dark moments in their personal comic book histories. Would they read books that they once hated or expressed no interest in and reconsider their past opinions, or would the return to a place never looked back upon cause old wounds to reopen? The answers might surprise you.


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  1. This was a really fun show, guys, really interesting to see if some preconceptions got changed (well, apart from Josh). Loved how annoyed Ron seemed to be about liking his books.

    By the way, I hope this show was recorded prior to Josh’s surgery, with the way Ron slammed him in the chest with a book?…

  2. Conor shooting down Strangers in Paradise was awesome. I loved how Ron and Josh had virtually no defense of his criticisms. That book plays to the mopey Bright Eyes crowd as much as Sandman played to the “goths” of the 90’s without being nearly as interesting.

  3. I thought Conor said he liked SIP, dude. Not loved it, but liked it enough to possibly read more. And in my opinion, Josh and Ron didn’t really try to defend it as they didn’t need to, just told him how the story might progress if he picked up more.

    I’m a fan of SIP and Sandman. Does that make me a mopey-eyed 90’s goth? Do we need to put readers of certain books in catagories? Surely we’re all here because we love comics and it’s great to have somewhere to come and talk about them where none of that stigma matters. We’re fanboys!

    Just my own humble opinion, dude, so peace be with you.

  4. The only other time I have heard of Bright Eyes being compared to anything comic related was when Spiderman 3 came out, and someone said “Dark” Peter Parker looked like Conor Oberst. And that was a much more fair comparison than saying SiP fans are mopey-eyed Bright Eyes listeners. That being said I am a fan of both. But im told that my eyes emote a happy, almost cheery disposition. As adults that read comics we deal with enough problems from the non-comic reading population. The last thing we need to be doing is dividing our community into groups that we can look down on because of their tastes. Comic books are created on such a wide spectrum of styles and topics. And as a community we need to embrace all sects of the industry. I have read the first three volumes of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman; I didn’t like it, but to steal a line from Josh, I recognized the craft of the book. Anything that can grab an audience, and really speak to those readers, and keep them for however many years obviously has some craft to it. Wheter or not it speaks to your individual tastes is another thing.
    Basically all I’m saying is we, as a community, should never summarily dismiss anything without an honest attempt to recognize the craft behind the book. And this show is a perfect example of giving books you wouldn’t normally like a fair shot.

  5. I started with X-Men First Class in issues but dropped it a few issues in. I have heard a lot of positive feedback about it and I think I need to go back and re-read my issues.

    Thanks again iFanboy.

  6. Dark Peter in Spider-man 3 was really just a jerk who LOOKED like Conor Oberst. If they had wanted to establish that he was indeed a Bright Eyes fan, they would have shown him in bed at home reading Strangers In Paradise and crying.

    Kidding, folks. I kid because I love.

  7. Can’t agree more with Josh about Casanova (but is Richard Ashcroft a reference a non-hipster is supposed to know right away?). I wanted to like ‘nova, but just couldn’t get past the “this is so cool because is it so awesome” thing. To bring up Sandman again – I may not like it all that much, but at least it’s not because it’s constantly screaming “This is totally crazy genius!!!!”

    Connor’s comments may put off my SiP reading for a few more years though. Hopefully, I can get some more Sandman under my belt before your Sandman videocast. Great episode.

  8. I don’t even know how I know who Richard Ashcroft is. I know I don’t like him.

  9. The Verve

  10. The Verve – and actually he’s (and they) are(were) quite good.

  11. And they had a hit song in… 1995? 1996? Even I know who he is. 🙂

  12. I knew he was in some Brit band, but I couldn’t remember what.

    But, a quick Google Image Search, says that I pretty much had it.

  13. The Verve were incredible. ‘Bittersweet Spmphony’ is probably the hit you’re thinking of, hit in ’96. They had a few top 10’s in the UK, ‘Lucky Man’ and ‘Sonnet’, but I don’t know what got released in the states.

    The best news? They’re back together and touring!

  14. If you don’t stop putting of the Sandman show I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. I’m beginning to think it’s some conspiracy with you guys to keep me listening/watching. And no, I don’t know why I care so much about what you guys think. But I have the Sandman discussion with a friend of mine and wonder if any one else thinks the same things.

    In the meanwhile, I think I’m going to check out XMen first class. Thanks for the tip on a good XMen book.

  15. The Sandman show is coming, it is definitely coming.

    It’s slow going because there are 10 trades that Ron and I have to read before we can do it.

  16. I appplaud you guys for going through all ten. It’s a hefty amount of wandering through vague conceptual landscapes. These were actually the books I started with when I got into reading comics, and it was overwhelming.

    If I clap my hands and say “I believe in faeries!”, will it happen sooner? It’s the anticipation that’s killing me. But I can completely understand if when you reach for a Sandman book, you pick up Batman instead.

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