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iFanboy #43 – The Vault! The Leading Man, Northwest Passage, & JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice

Show Notes

This week iFanboy reaches back into the dusty but trusty ol’ vault to pull out some comic book gems. There’s a book about a movie star secret agent, one about a burly frontiersman, and one featuring more capes and costumes than you can shake a stick at.

Conor calls for a close up on The Leading Man from Oni Press, featuring the tale of a super secret agent undercover as the biggest movie star in the world, written by B. Clay Moore and drawn by Jeremy Haun

Josh explores the Northwest Passage by Scott Chantler from Oni Press, and discovers high adventure, family intrigue, and lots of angry Frenchmen,

Ron jumps right into JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice written by Geoff Johns and David Goyer with art by Carlos Pacheco from DC Comics, and finds a good, old fashioned superhero crossover.


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  1. How will you continue the video shows with Ron on the West Coast?

  2. CGI.

  3. I am looking at Jinx right now and thinking that you guys really need to do a show about early Bendis stuff.

  4. I really think that screen cap of Josh should be on the next iFanboy t-shirt. That image will forever be ingrained in my head as THE Josh image.

    Great show as always guys!

  5. better yet sock puppets

  6. Gordon – Grim Fairy Tales is awful. Like really awful. Unless you like cheesecake.

  7. Did you not see Gordon hanging out with the booth babes on the SDCC and Chicago con videos? He promised he’d read it. Who do you think he made that promise to? As soon as I saw the title to the show I thought, “Oo. This could be scary.” Nope, but amusing as all get out as usual. Good show. Conor was especially ebullient this episode. Thanks for the show.

  8. Thanks for chatting up the Leading Man, guys. I should note that Scott Chantler, the Northwest Passage creator, is the new artist on Hawaiian Dick. Out from Image soonishly.

  9. Leading Man is the only one of the those 3 books I don’t own (sorry B. Clay Moore, it’s on my list now, I swear) and Northwest Passage knocked my socks off this summer! Josh and I must have just missed each other because I also bought it at the Oni booth in San Diego.

  10. Great show as always guys, especially loved Conor’s storyteller “Oh, hello!” at the end.

    This was recorded pre-Josh’s mishap, right? If not that’s a remarkably speedy recovery there, sir.

  11. all great books

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