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iFanboy #40 – Hellboy

Show Notes

In this episode, iFanboy goes straight to Hellboy, a landmark creator owned series they’ve ignored for too long. It’s time to settle up and give creator Mike Mignola his due.

Hellboy is a true treasure among modern comics, and Josh, Ron, and Conor feel the need to share their newfound appreciation for Mike Mignola’s masterpiece.

They talk about the basics of Hellboy, and which books you can start with, to spinoff properties like the B.P.R.D., and Lobster Johnson. Is it a horror comic? Supernatural sci-fi? Or is it just the best of all these things, in a series that is like no other.

But wait, there’s also a pretty decent Hellboy movie, and it turns out was the perfect choice. Then there’s an animated movie, and even an impending video game.

There might not be a better place to start your Hellboy education than right here.


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  1. There’s also a sequel determined to come out: http://www.hellboymovie.com/

  2. I liked the film version, I thought it brought forward almost all the salient points of the books in addition to having a pretty decent story, and the CGI was top shelf without being over the top. I’d rate it just below the X-Men and Spider-Man films in my top superhero films list.

  3. Another awesome episode, thanks for shedding some light on a hidden masterpiece. I think I can relate to Josh the most in that I just didn’t pick Hellboy up because of incorrect preconceived notions. (It seems to be more of a historical/superhero/X-files from the description.

    I thought the film was also just okay but from your description of the book it seems to have done it really well.

    I think I’ll start picking up the trades on the show’s recommendation plus the art that was displayed.

    Your shows always make me actually laugh and the production quality is really quite high plus of course I love the out takes.

    This show’s particular out take was concise but incredibly funny.

  4. In my opinion it seems that the Darkhorse movies have captured the essence of the comics better than either Marvel or DC. I was a big X-men and Spidey fan when I started reading comics but the films have really disappointed me instead of entertaining me.

  5. So he’s a demon from hell, who’s all grown up, and they call him HellBOY? HellMAN is more like it. sounds like the perfect superhero.

  6. Hellboy is a wicked awesome series. I need to re-read the books, but the vidcast inspired me to watch the two animated movies and the full length features, which have been sitting patiently on my shelf. I am pleased to report that they are all amazing, particularly the animated movies, which take parts of some of my favorite stories from the book.

    Great show as always guys.

  7. there was a second animation movie the cartoon network put out that you forgot about called ‘blood and iron’

  8. Great episode guys! This could of easily been an hour episode if you had included the BPRD and other stuff. There are some great Hellboy novels and a couple of prose anthologies that are really worth checking out. I also recommend the Art of Hellboy book. A must have.

    Did you know Hellboy and Batman had a team-up? Yep! Batman/Hellboy/Starman 2-parter (1999). Written by James Robinson with art by Mignola. This has never been collected before. Go hunting. It is a fun story.


  9. Awesome episode. I have to recognize I was a bit shocked learning you were not that familiar with Hellboy and the excellent work of Mike Mignola.

    I discovered Hellboy long time ago and to me he has been up there with other comic artist like Frank Miller.

    The movie in any case was a bit disappointing for me, but I understand it is quite difficult to translate the artwork and mood of Hellboy to film. I still watched the movie three times 🙂

    I love your episodes, although sometimes I feel they lack a bit of info and commentary on the artwork itself. I am of the opinion that the story is essential but still almost never buy a comic if the artwork is not good.

    Keep them coming.

  10. FanTAStic episode. There really is so much to Hellboy, yet I think you really hit so many important points in the limited time of one episode: The art, the character of Hellboy, the type of story – there really is so much there it’s hard to cover it all, much less describe it to someone who has never read it. Even Mignola’s dedication page for the first trade bogggles the mind (but makes perfect sense after you read it): Jack Kirby and H.P. Lovecraft.

    Josh, I think by drawing attention to the layouts, you really helped me figure out why the first Hellboy trade never appealed to me as much as the other ones. Without Byrne’s tendency to be a bit heavy on the words, I think Mignola could really get the pages flowing at a wonderful pace. Anyway, all good stuff, and though I was wary of collection of the shorter stories before I bought them, I really enjoyed them just as much. Very happy you did too.

    LOVED monkey with a gun spotlight page you did. That really summed up quite a bit about what Hellboy is about. Nicely done. Best of all, it’s just great to see you three excited about something the fans of ifanboy got you guys to revisit, as you point us towards so much to enjoy.

    Lobster Johnson Forever!

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