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iFanboy #4 – Peter David and the X-Factor Team

Show Notes

iFanboy hits Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York, NY for a signing with Peter David and the creative team behind Marvel Comics’s X-Factor! What can one man with a microphone do against five interview subjects? Pull up a chair to watch Ron Richards struggle mightily to keep control of the proceedings.

Thanks again to everyone at Jim Hanley’s Universe in Manhattan for letting us come in and wreck havoc in their store and to Peter David and the rest of the X-Factor team for being gracious while we totally disrupted their signing.


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  1. Peter David…nicely done. I could never interview him, I’d just gush about Hulk the whole time.

  2. Another solid video guys, I tip my hat to you.

    Love the slightly scruffy look Josh almost didn’t recognize you. You seemed to blend into the store so well that I had a double take.

    That store by the way looks great, I love comic stores with books popping out all over the place gives me a sense of

  3. Peter David! You guys are rock! I haven’t watched it yet, but I saw PAD and gasped so loudly that everyone in the office turned and looked at me. Now to gently turn down the volume on my computer, watch the show and then loose my job. Peter David and iFanboy are worth risking unemployment over.

  4. Another great interview.

    I never thought of Madrox as Hamlet, but that is something to think about. I wonder if I could develop a teaching lesson that went from Hamlet to one of the X-Factor trades. Hmmmm.

  5. Madrox as Hamlet…Peter D. talkin out his @(&%

  6. Sorry-I shouldn’t be harsh, but…whatever.
    Good episode though. I think it’s cool that you guys rotate on interview duty, etc.

  7. Great show as always guys. Gordon the interns intros are rapidly becoming my favourite part. His widescreen last week also had me in tears. You should keep this guy!!!!!!!!

  8. Ron going for the throat with the how the hell question. very nice there and all around

    that raimondi guy had a weird nose

  9. Great video, guys. Gordon the Intern is awesome! He rocks.

    You guys are soooooooooo lucky to have so many cool (and large) comic stores near where you live – ones that are big enough to hold sign parties for writers and artists. Keeping doing these kinds of interviews. The rest of us iFanboys out here in the heartlands are living vicariously through you.

  10. Hey since Gordon the Intern now has extra weekly duties with the video podcast, don’t you think it’s time to make him a full iFanboy staffer with a commensurate raise in pay?

  11. Any chance that you’ll be doing an extended video(s) from the New York Comicon?

  12. Hey guys, great show. Peter David is very funny, and while he’s been hit or miss with me in terms of his books, he’s still one of the “bigs” in my book.

    The 47 hour day answer was great and was much better than what DC would have answered. (…Alternate Universes!)

    Looking forward to picking up some X-Factor trades, as issues are hard to find around these parts. The book sounds great and interesting.

    As always fellas, keep up the great work.

  13. 1- Holy crap, it’s Wednesday!
    2- Holy crap, they DID go to the PAD event! Woo hoo!

  14. Good interview guys! Unfortunately my comic book store won’t do signings anymore. 🙁 *sniff* *sniff*

  15. “Talksplode.com”! Every time I hear this re-referenced, I laugh in delight. It’s so funny to think some offhand thing I said is becoming part of the local lore.

  16. Is it just me, or did Ron have a sort of Jeremy Piven vibe in that video?

  17. Is it just me, or did Ron have a sort of Jeremy Piven vibe in that video?

    Who loves themself more, Kanye West or Jeremy Piven?

  18. Me am bad with English, me am meant to say “himself”.

  19. Great Work Ron!!! Everytime I watch this comic store episode I get really Jealous….

  20. This week, I’m actually jealous, I love me some PAD. And it’s great to see that man talk and to be getting (And doing) awesome work. And now to think that there are 47 hours in the Marvel day…it’s like something new has opened up.

  21. I echo the raves on Gordon, and him doing the plug at the beginning as a regular feature. “…like a piece of pie, only it’s the internet, you can’t eat it.” Very nice. So who’s writing his material?

    “…don’t you think it’s time to make him (Gordon) a full iFanboy staffer with a commensurate raise in pay?”

    I would agree, but the problem is “commensurate raise in pay” still means some proportion of zero. Thanks for the public service guys, and the extra sugar pie.

  22. Wow. Thanks for all the love people. I hope it the “higher-ups” hear it.

    And – although I would like more money/ANY money – I’d just be happy if they took away some of my crap jobs – like doing Conor’s laundry. Not sure what it has to do with comics – but they make me do it.


  23. Crap show guys–don’t give up your day jobs. Totally kidding, that was cool as always.

    Okay, the fact that you registered talksplode.com is awesome.

    I do slightly hate you now, ifanboy, becuase now I have to go out and get the tpb of all of PAD’s X-Factor/Madrox stuff.

  24. Something must be done with Talksplode… If only you guys didn’t just get a message board…

  25. but the problem is “commensurate raise in pay” still means some proportion of zero.

    Who let him look at our books?!

  26. I love Peter David. I really love Fallen Angel.

    I think what you really should have asked him is how he has time to do all the stuff he does in a 24 hour day. That dude writes… a lot.

    Good stuff guys.

  27. I’d just be happy if they took away some of my crap jobs – like doing Conor’s laundry.

    Wait… you’re not doing my laundry? Who’s doing my laundry?

  28. Shit – that is not your laundry?

    Oh boy. This is going to get awkward.

    What about the gold bond? Do I still have to “apply” that for you? And don’t tell me that is not you…because I know for a fact it is. Or does somebdoy else have that unfortunate birth mark?

  29. …and now it’s turned weird

  30. Yeah, I didn’t want to follow that, but I will offer another direction for the thread. Almost any superhero can be twisted into a Hamlet-like character, but I never considered Madrox as one of those heroes.

  31. “…and now it’s turned weird”

    Oh, you kids…. you so funny…

    “Who let him look at our books?!”

    I had my assistant Chloe hack into your computer. Darrel stalks. Some of up prefer a more professional approach…. getting weirder?
    (Laughsploding now in Tokyo…)

  32. Hi, just wondering Ron did you receive the letter I sent about the Nintendo Wii Web browser and your videos?

  33. I will never again type in ifanboy.com. Only talksplode.com.

  34. Aaron – I don’t recall seeing an email but I’ll check when I get home tonite and if not, I’ll email you directly

  35. You played Rustic Overtones! That made the guy from Maine happy.

    Great show. I enjoyed the the t-shirt exchange.

  36. That’s funny. I didn’t think anyone would catch that. Glad you liked.

  37. That’s not good if you have not received that e-mail then you probably haven’t received my other e-mail questions I sent in. I was using some other weird program whenever I clicked on any of your guys e-mail addresses I will use Hotmail directly next time.

    And here was me thinking you guys thought I was annoying and didn’t like responding 🙂

  38. It’s been said 20 different ways already, but I have to commend you on the interview. The added video content that you guys have been working on is great. iFanboy is definitely going somewhere.

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