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iFanboy #39 – More Comic Book Voicemails

Show Notes

It’s that time again! Time to take some calls from the viewers! We’ve dug deep into our voicemail line to answer YOUR comic book questions.

With no advanced preparation whatsoever, find out if we have the off-the-cuff comics knowledge to answer the following…

  1. Ren from Columbus, OH enjoyed Batman: Hush and wants to know which books in the Absolute format did we like and which ones would we like to see? Also, Guy Gardner: Greatest Green Lantern ever or greatest superhero ever?
  2. Adam from Parts Unknown likes Ant-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man, but would like some suggestions for some new comics.
  3. Chris from Long Island, NY asks what was the first comic book we read that was a bad comic?
  4. Mike from Montgomery, AL has been a long time collector and is looking for a system to track his collection. He’s looking at Comic Base and Comics Price Guide, but wants to know how we track our collections?
  5. Luke from Denver, CO wants a comic convention in his town and thinks we know how to make that happen.
  6. Kyle from Chicago, IL calls in to recommend Fear Agent from Dark Horse Comics.
  7. Dan from Bloomington, IL asks if we know of any characters who are only good when written by a specific writer, like Luke Cage written by Brian Michael Bendis currently?


Get Involved

Doing the podcast is fun and all, but let's be honest, listening to the 2 of us talk to each other can get repetitive, so we look to you, the iFanboy listeners to participate in the podcast! "How can I get in on the fun?" you may ask yourself, well here's how:

  • E-Mail us at contact@ifanboy.com with any questions, comments or anything that may be on your mind.

Please don't forget to leave your name and where you're writing from and each week, we'll pick the best e-mails to include on the podcast!


  1. Woohoo! The return of Gordon!!! Pure fried comedy gold!

    Awesome show, guys. Actually, I have a kind of follow-up question on the Absolute topic: I’ve been thinking of getting a Batman Absolute for a while, but am treading with limited funds. There’s a few out there, right? Dark Knight, Hush, Batman. Anyone out there got any advice on which to go for if you can only afford one?

  2. Well, from what I’ve heard, The Absolute Dark Knight is really amazing, but I don’t personally own it. For someone with limited funds, I would reccommend the Absolute Long Halloween. It’s like $48 on Instocktrades.com and ridiculously beautiful. I’m not a huge fan of the Hush storyline, but if you liked it, it’s in the same price range as The Long Halloween.

  3. Cool, thanks for the advice, Neb! I love Long Halloween so that’s looking like the front-runner from what you said. I’ve only read the first Hush trade, and have to say I really liked it, so am just wondering if it’s worth ordering the Absolute version rather than the 2nd trade…

    But Long Halloween is looking like the one to go for so far.

    (ps: what’s everyone’s thoughts on Face The Face? I just borrowed it from a friend and really liked it, but I never see it mentioned much – I mean anywhere, not just here. Is it a bad comic that I happen to like, or is my taste a little off?).

    Thanks again, Neb!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, guys. Rick and i are both thrilled you’re enjoying Fear Agent. We’ll keep doing our best to keep doing our best for YOU.


  5. I remember really liking a part of Face the Face, I read it in bits and pieces when it came out, (the part that was all about Two face where it ends with him coming back), it didn’t have too much to do with what followed it though.

    Thanks for the advice guys, I think that a couple of creators live around the area. (J. Scott Campbell?) and i know for sure that a couple live in places that are not so far away, ( jason aaron and Matt Fraction live in KC) so you guys won’t have to head line it yourself. I will see what happens with this.

  6. I’d say the one writer whose characters just seem to TOTALLY escape the ability of others to capture properly is Jack Kirby. Silver Surfer, New Gods, Mr Miracle, Forever People, Eternals, Kamandi, to name just a few that no one else has really successfully written, and I mean as an ongoing series not just a quick mini.

    When Kirby wrote those characters they were amazing. The possibilities seem so limitless, yet no one else seems able to capture that essence. I’d say the only writer whose style even comes close is Kurt Busiek. He accomplishes the same feeling with Astro City.

  7. Hey guys, just got done watching the show. It was great, as it always is. I was thinking about the Absolute question and the one thing I would love to see in Absolute is Jeph Loeb’s Dark Victory. Not only is this another collaboration with Tim Sale, but it would be perfect on my shelf right next to The Long Halloween. Also, this might be a litttle bit early to be saying, but I have the feeling that Darwyn Cooke’s run on The Spirit would be as amazing as New Frontier in Absolute format.

  8. That computer looks like an IBM Thinkpad T series…

    I have the same one!

  9. I had the same idea as Neb regarding an Absolute Dark Victory, I can’t see how DC can put out Long Halloween but ignore Dark Victory which has, as good a story and as good art and it is a direct follow up. (I’m not even a Batman fan! – I didn’t think Hush was anywhere as good as the Loeb/Sale teamups) the obvious answer – sales.

  10. Well, give them a little time. I mean, the Long Halloween just came out a couple months back. I’m guessing before they decide to go forward, they’re going to want to know how it sold. And then, it would take a while to prep Dark Victory for printing.


    Also, from a sales perspective, a book of Jim Lee Batman is going to outsell almost anything on the racks, any day of the week. Hence Absolute Hush.

  11. Fear Agent is a prime example of the retailers deciding what is going to sell and what isn’t. When I first started asking for the book at my comic shop, the guys there told me they didn’t stock it, because they could only move about three issues a month. I’ve heard Ron make a similar comment on the show before about his shop. It’s odd in a business where recommendations are being made and asked for all the time that something so perfect gets left out of the mix, especially when the book gets such good reviews. If it isn’t on the wall, they should have copies next to the register for some worthwhile recommended reading. While I’m sure there is more to it than just the retailers decision , I wish more readers were getting exposed to it. I am glad to say though, that since The Last Goodbye, my shop is stocking the book. Can’t wait for Hatchet Job.

  12. This is in response to Mike’s question about Comic Databases. I use one put out by Wizard (I know, I know….evil) back in, I think, 1994. I think it is called Comic Collector 2.0 or something like that. You can track values, qautities, boxes, creators, and many other variables. You can also print out lists of what you have and what you are missing. I find the missing list quite helpful for going to conventions and filling in the missing issues. If you can find it I highly recommend it.

  13. great episode. Kudos to the question about the 1st comic you realized was bad.

    For me, I think it was Uncanny #201 when Storm and Cyclops fought. Over and over the narrator kept saying “Like a cat she is.” and then Cyclops says it “Like a cat” and then she says it about herself, “Like a cat I am.” It was horrible. Or maybe I’m getting it mixed up and this was all in the Secret Wars II tie-in (which is another runner-up for first comic I knew was bad).

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