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iFanboy #38 – Live From New York… it’s Pick of the Week #100

Show Notes

Live from Jim Hanley’s Universe in New York City, it’s the 100th episode of iFanboy’s Pick of the Week!

Join the iFanboys as they discuss the Pick of the Week for September 26, 2007: Criminal #9.

They also take a look at

And what live show wouldn’t be complete without viewer mail, audience questions and a few giveaways?

There’s some laughter, some tears, and someone may or may not secretly be a father. Now where’s Willard Scott?

We hope this makes up for it a little if you couldn’t make it. And if you made it to the show in San Diego, we swear, we have nothing against you!

Again, thanks to everyone listening, and watching, writing in, calling, and generally being the best audience we could ever hope for. You all mean the world to us.


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  1. Great show guys, wish I could have been there

  2. I second what Luke said. Congrats to you guys for 100 episodes, and congrats to Jimski for his new arrival!

  3. What a great show! Good job. I love seeing you guys all nervous in front of the fans! It’s great to see people turned out! Now, if you guys would just send your tapes to radio stations and get on the real radio and get paid. Car Talk should be your inspiration. You could be that show but for comics. Want to see you guys succeed. Ron, cut your damn Logan sideburns, please! You look gross.

  4. For the record, I got a haircut the next day, I was in dire need of one and couldn’t get an appointment…just sayin’

  5. Cut your hair, hippie.

  6. Hi, I’ve seen all the video pod casts, but don’t listen to the audio show because I’m always behind on my comic book reading… First time poster…

    …But, watching the 100th episode, i had a burning question.

    One of the trivia questions was which writer has not had a book picked as POW. Chris Claremont was one of the options, but was not the correct answer.

    My burning question is, which book did Chris Claremont write that was chosen as POW. I wanna like ‘current’ Chris Claremont because I love ‘old’ Chris Claremont (right up to his launch of X-Men vol 2). (Hell, I even love his initial issues on his second coming on Uncanny and Adjectiveless with Yu and Kubert, but can’t think of anything within the last two years that would be POW worthy)

    Please help me in easing my mind. Thanks.

    And great video podcasts by the way (I especially love it when you interview comic book celebrities — now i get see what my favorite comic book creators actually look like)

  7. You should listen to the audio show. It’s awesome.

    (Can I say that? Is that appropriate?)

  8. (Can I say that? Is that appropriate?)

    Hey, it’s your (and Ron and Conor’s) show, so I guess you can say whatever yout want. And then get called a “hater” on your very own website. Gotta love that. Hardy har har. Great show, loved it. Congratulations on the 100th.

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