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iFanboy #37 – The Vault! The Savage Dragon, Scalped Vol 1: Indian Country, & Batman: Gotham Noir

Show Notes

This week iFanboy delves once more into their collective storehouse of comics and graphic novels to bring you recommendations for books you might not have known about…

Ron chimes in with one of his lifelong favorites, and tells us about the first The Savage Dragon collection.

Josh makes his apologies to the creators of Scalped, Vol. 1: Indian Country.

Finally, Conor rediscovers how good Batman: Gotham Noir was when he first read it.

Basically they’re just talking about a stack of good comics.


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  1. A video show too? You guys are on fire this weekend.

    I always love the vault episodes. Downloading now.

  2. Great show, as always. But one thing that Ron said really jumped out at me.

    Netflix used to be in a Yellow envelope? And now it has evolved into the red envelopes that we all know, recognize, and love to see in our mailboxes…

    Yellow, now red. Sounds like Netflix is quite a “daredevil” when it comes to movie rentals!

  3. Gotham Noir sounds awesome. I need to find it.

  4. Yeah, need Gotham Noir! Got Gotham By Gaslight and Holy Terror, both recommended by this site, and they’re incredible.

    Only gripe… no intro by Gordon the Intern… what’s going on???

  5. Nice to see Savage Dragon getting some props from The iFanboy crew(well…Ron). The first 100 issues of Savage Dragon are some of the best superhero-y book out there and it’s still a quality book(when it ships). I have to agree with Ron’s quiet epic statements.

  6. Savage Dragon Rocks! Loved the initial mini-series, but I think it really gets cookin’ when the book starts up again after that.

  7. just bought the Gotham Noir on Amazon thanks to you guys.

  8. I don’t know how Gotham Noir slipped past my radar, but good call Conor. I’ll be searching for this. That was some move made by Josh. I think I was considering dropping Scalped and Josh pretty much help my decision process. Now he reverses the call and sends me doubting my move. I never read Savage Dragon before until the reprint of Savage Dragon/Hellboy team-up. I’m curious about this mini now.


  9. I don’t have alot of money so the thought of buying the Savage Dragon archives was really appealing to me. But the fact that it is in black and white, makes me unsure. I want to enjoy it at its best and so I am reluctant in buying the archives.

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